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The Most Evolved Spiritual Technique on Earth

Experience the Power of AstroVed’s Agni Interactive Fire Labs TM

Introducing Agni Interactive

What is a Fire Lab?

Dr. Pillai

Fire Lab, a term coined by Dr. Pillai, is based on the ritualistic practice of using fire, which is found in many cultures all over the world. Not limited to any one religion, it is a universal, multidimensional technology to communicate with non-physical intelligences. These are the Angels, Gods, and Goddess (Archetypes) that the prophets, messiahs, and seers of all religions were in contact with. The Archetypes were the supernatural source behind their healing miracles, their other-worldly intuition, and their power over the material world. The Fire Lab was, and still is considered to be the most powerful way to connect with these celestial beings, as fire is the bridge between physical and non-physical realities.

“Of all the techniques, the Fire Lab is the most evolved. It is the shortcut to obtain wealth.”
~ Dr. Pillai


How a Fire Lab Works

Using Fire (Agni) as the medium, different materials, sounds, and emotionally-charged prayers are used to invoke Archetypes and access their power. Their energy literally comes through the external fire, as well as the internal fire (gross and subtle energy) within the human system. Through divine law, when the Fire Lab is performed properly the Archetypes are compelled to respond to pure-intentioned requests.

Why Our Fire Labs are Powerful

Fire Labs

Although a seemingly simple concept, a Fire Lab is an incredibly intricate and complex technology. Much like a watch, it has many moving parts that are delicately woven together, and if even one is not in alignment with the rest it will not work properly. They need to be performed with extreme precision. Our Fire Lab specialists each have gone through years of rigorous training and initiation to perform Fire Labs, and were hand-selected by Dr. Pillai. They possess the knowledge of proxy technology, which allows sponsors to receive the benefits of a Fire Lab without having to be physically present.

The Agni Interactive Experience

Experience LIVE interactive Fire Labs via webcast, where you can tune into the power of the Fire Lab from anywhere in the world. You will be guided by our trained specialists to chant certain mantras, when to offer prayers, and how to perform certain actions at home to connect more deeply. However, even if you are unable to tune in live, the benefits will reach you wherever you are in the world, thanks to our Proxy Technology.

Get started by choosing which Fire Lab(s) you would like to receive the benefits from, or by joining our monthly Fire Circle to receive the benefits of every Fire Lab for the month at a discounted price.

What People Are Saying

Lori Grasing says:
Fire Labs are Amazing! Everything is shifting since I started participating in these. The Priests are so professional, and when they read off the participants I am dumbfounded as to how they do that so magnificently!


Maria says:
Thank you Babaji, Premaraja and the priests who have the knowledge and warmest kindness to perform the these poojas on our behalf. Also for their generosity to guide us for those who want to perform them at home.


Mittu says:
We are far away from the motherland and hard to get the puja done this way and participate. This was so unique and comfortable to watch and participate.


Cheryl Spring:
I warmly thank the Pillai Center Fire Lab team for the powerful ceremonies. I seemed to alternate between smiling and crying. The Vedic mantras were both beautiful and powerful. Thank you so much.

Cheryl Spring

Lalma Dickens:
I have participated in two different fire labs and I have felt a shift in consciousness. My life has improved and my relationships are amazing. I recommend this to everyone that really wants to live their best life.

Lalma Dickens

Don, Maryland USA:
I have found the Pillai Center’s Interactive Fire Labs and Dr. Pillai’s teachings to be truly inspirational — the labs help me pay tribute to spirit while the teachings keep me focused intently on my goals. The combined results have been great. Many thanks to the Pillai Center and Dr. Pillai.

Don, Maryland

February 2019 Interactive Fire Lab

February 2019 Interactive Fire Lab Half – Monthly Bundle

You’re warmly invited to join us for our February Fire Circle, which promises enlightenment, protection, liberation from fear, greater wealth and success.

4 Live Interactive Fire Labs

Interactive Fire Lab To help and empower you, February Half Monthly Fire Circle takes advantage of the unique energies available at this crucial time as you lay the foundation on which you’ll create the best year of your life!

Remember, as part of an Agni Interactive Fire Circle, you are joining forces with like-minded spiritualists around the world to share intentions and tune into these energies at the same time!

You will be included in the 4 Fire Labs listed below.

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Commune with the Divine Through Love Interactive Interactive Fire Lab

February 18th at 3:30 AM PST / 11:30 AM UTC / 5:00 PM IST

During Pradosham time everyone gets an opportunity to cleanse their karma.” ~ Dr. Pillai

Commune with the Divine Through Love Interactive Interactive Fire Lab

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed during 14th Moon phase, a powertime for Shiva’s infinite intelligence and infinite compassion. The Moon will be in Ashlesha, a star of comforts and mystical power. Many famous Tamil mystical poets have celebrated the bliss and joy of connecting with Shiva’s divine energy. This is a good time to ask to have our hearts unite with Shiva similar to the mingling of the red earth and rain. We can request to have a personal connection or vision with Shiva’s flower-fresh feet. We can pray for the blessing of an open heart. The fire prayer will bring blessings to be flooded with ceaseless love for the divine mercy of Shiva, he who who negates our misery and gives us happiness.

Say YES to Spiritual and Material Good Fortune Interactive Fire Lab

February 19th at 4:00 AM PST / 12:00 NOON UTC / 5:30 PM IST

“When you practice Shreem Brzee it is not only going to give you material wealth, but the primary goal of Shreem Brzee is bring you a greater wealth of consciousness, understanding of knowledge and seeing beyond matter. Material wealth will only be a byproduct of Shreem Brzee.” ~ Dr. Pillai

Say YES to Spiritual and Material Good Fortune Interactive Fire Lab

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed to honor Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, during her Full Moon powertime of creativity, abundance and manifestation of desires. She will be invoked with Shreem Brzee, an ultimate mantra for spiritual and material wealth consciousness. The Moon will be in Purva Phalguni, a star of material prosperity. Purva Phalguni is a star of rest, relaxation and celebration. This is an auspicious time to say sincerely and humbly say “yes” to receiving blessings of spiritual and material good fortune.

This is a good day to invite Shreem Brzee to continually resonate in all parts of our being so that we ourselves are broadcasting Shreem Brzee vibrations to others on subtle levels. Today’s Fire Lab is excellent for joining with others in community with the use of Shreem Brzee to improve personal as well as global economics and to offset emerging difficulties in the world that have affected so many people’s finances and material assets.

Smash the Obstacle of Fear Interactive Fire Lab

February 22nd at 4:00 AM PST / 12:00 NOON UTC / 5:30 PM IST

“Ganesha never fails. If there is a doubt, then he’ll clear the doubt also in a miraculous way.” ~ Dr. Pillai

Smash the Obstacle of Fear Interactive Fire Lab

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed to invoke Ganesha his form as Trimukha Ganapati. “Tri” means three, and “mukha” means face. In this benign and powerful form, Ganesha is depicted with three elephant faces. He is seated on a golden lotus and is shown with six arms. It is said that the compassion of Trimukha Ganapati looks after the welfare of those who pray to him as well as the welfare of their families. We can invoke him to remove fear of the future. The fire prayer will be done during the beneficial obstacle removal energies of 4th Moon phase. On this day, the Moon will be in Hasta, a star of charity and enlightenment. We can ask Trimukha Ganapati to give blessings of reassurance and divine protection. He shines a very compassionate light and dispenses boons.

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Attract Golden Abundance and Golden Friends Interactive Fire Lab

February 26th at 4:30 AM PST / 12:30 PM UTC / 6:00 PM IST

“Fire is the real wealth because fire produces Gold.” ~ Dr. Pillai

Attract Golden Abundance and Golden Friends Interactive Fire Lab

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed during 8th Waning Moon phase, a time to connect with some of the intense qualities of the divine. The Moon will be in Anuradha, a star of abundance and friendship. This star is said to be the birthstar of Lakshmi, a feminine wealth-granting archetype. This fire prayer will invoke Kala Bhairava, archetype of time management, in his form as Swarna Arkshana Bhairava. Swarna means gold. Arkshana conveys an idea of attraction. The blessings of Swarna Arkshana Bhairava can help speed up time and set us on a path to attract more positive financial opportunities and supportive friends. We can ask Swarna Arkshana Bhairava to help us become more open and receptive to good fortune, material comforts and overall success. The fire prayer can send us blessings for golden abundance and golden friends.

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