Appreciable Prasna Service

AstroVed's Prasna service is very accurate. I am really surprised by the accurate prediction of astrologers. I extend my sincere thanks and regards to Dr. Pillai.

Manpreet - 10 Mar 2011

Service Proficiency

Last month, I had my Nadi read and had remedied on my behalf by Nadi Team. After that, I had changed my place of living decisively and everything seems to be on the right track. I found myself to be active in all my work plans with right decision and execution. I developed trust by your excellent service. I extend my sincere thanks to the Nadi Team for their professionalism in service. Now I have no doubt and no hesitation on any services from them.

Forestgreen - 09 Mar 2011

Significant Guidance

With profound appreciation, I thank every Prasna Astrologer for answering all my questions and guiding me all through the uncertain situations by offering such a valuable service!

Sameer - 07 Mar 2011

Amazing Predictions

I was worried about some work that needs to be completed before the arrival of few who are returning from their trip. When I asked the Vedic Astrologer about their return, he predicted their expected return on a specified day and date. When I called them, they informed me that they were right on their way back home (on the specified date the astrologer gave me) because their work had finished earlier than expected. I was so amazed of what had happened as just the astrologer had predicted. Surprised of AstroVed's predictions!

Deepika - 23 Feb 2011

Authentic Service

I was surprised by the prefect prediction of Prasna Astrologer who had never met me or knows nothing of me. The answer given for my question was so accurate, that I felt to share it for the benefit of others. The good response and verified predictions gave an authentic nature of aspects happening in life. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for such an amazing service of AstoVed. We are so fortunate to have this service. Thanks to Dr. Pillai and Team.

Chris - 14 Feb 2011

Benevolent Service

AstroVed's Vedic Astrologer was very helpful in answering my questions. I will have to wait to see the accuracy for those given. I felt the answers were factual to my heart. His way of approach was kind and compassionate. Many thanks for your service!

Jmercay - 09 Feb 2011

Valuable Guidance

Thanks to AstroVed's Vedic Astrologer. I greatly appreciate his answers and valuable guidance. It is very helpful for all my proceedings.

Sadira - 08 Feb 2011

Amazing Instant Insight

I approached one of AstroVed's Vedic Astrologer and I am truly amazed by his great knowledge on Prasna Astrology. One of my key projects was almost out of my hand due to politics and I asked him whether there are any chances left for me to be in this project and to make this project a successful one. He gave me a positive answer and which is seen exactly to be happening. This is indeed a miracle and I deeply thank him and AstroVed for the amazing service.

Sameer Meher - 30 Jan 2011

Believable Prediction

The prediction for 2011 is correct and surely believable.

Sambasivarao - 03 Jan 2011

Reliable Astrology Service

Thank you for the valuable service. I find it helpful and reliable. I have received answers from several astrologers in your team. Thanks a lot.

Jayanths - 02 Jan 2011

Faithful Predictions

Your Vedic Astrologer was right on the spot! He has essentially reflected my inner-voice. That is... you have a pressing question, for which the Society has all sorts of answers for you. They pressure you into their wants for you. But when I pray to God and invite that peace within me and do worship every day, like say a mantra, read a chapter of the satcharitra, etc, the answer "comes" from within you. It is a very subtle soulful answer. And this is the answer which the astrologer reflected on. Thanks for AstroVed!

Deepika - 26 Dec 2010

Amazing Service of AstroVed

Amazing service! I must say Prasna Astrology can be a boon for the mankind.

Sita - 25 Dec 2010

Excellent Mala Beads!

Thank you for the Siva Shakti mala beads. I have been wearing these beads for a few months and use them to chant various mantras. I have since noticed a more balanced state of mind, both in spirituality and prosperity. Thanks again for another excellent product!

Charlene - 23 Dec 2010

Quality Service

I would like to thank the Astrologer, who answered my 3 important questions. After receiving the answers, I feel a lot more confident about my expectations and doubts. I am very happy to receive this service. Thanks to AstroVed.

SolangeMaria SileikisBelmont - 23 Dec 2010

Thank you for the product!

I wear my Siva-Shakti mala beads every single day. Just by wearing the beads, my energy feels more balanced. The beads also give me a sense of protection and remind me that I am connected to the divine energy through Siva and Shakti. These mala beads work really well for counting mantras. When I use these beads to count, it is easier to focus on the actual sounds.

Sarah - 21 Dec 2010

Worthy Predictions

I have had nothing but positive advice, whether good or not what I wanted to hear, from the Prasna astrologers. This is work of the divine and I am pleased to have this service. Each prediction will vary slightly according to which number you chose, so chose from your heart and you heart will not steer you wrong. I am thankful to all for the kind and fortunate advice. Namaste!

Serenityloveangel - 17 Dec 2010

Quality Guidance

I would like to send an abundant thanks to the Vedic astrologer. He knew that one of the persons I was talking about in a question was a "subordinate", and about a wrong communication. I hope his dates are on target. I will take his advice on the Homam as well.

D. M - 15 Dec 2010

Charming Service

I would like to thank all the blessed people from AstroVed on behalf of my uncle. I ordered the Proxy Mantra writing of "Om Shreem Dattatreya Siva Baba" for my uncle. Earlier he was struggling with Business and had suffered huge losses. But after completing this ritual, his Business had started to stabilize. It is now a profit making entity for him. I thank Dr. Pillai for his innovations like Proxy Mantra writing.

Lohit Garg - 15 Dec 2010

Effective Service

I ordered the Proxy Mantra writing for my brother. He had appeared for the CAT exam and did not receive any good calls. I ordered Proxy Mantra writing of Om Makaral Sivaya Namah for 10008 times and amazingly, my brother got a call from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management. Honorable thanks to Dr. Pillai's innovations like Proxy Mantra writings!

Lohit Garg - 15 Dec 2010

Excellence on Astrology

Many many thanks to Astrologers, who attended me till today. It is a quality of support and orientation that exercises immediately clear reactions in my soul, since the conclusion of the goals becomes clearer with such direct answers and orientations!

Bhavani - 14 Dec 2010

I use this app every day

This little app is so handy! I use it to schedule my days, especially avoiding important activities during the "poison time". Thanks for creating this.

Peggy J - 17 Oct 2010

Good Faith in Fire Rituals

I was really happy to be present for the Pratyangira Devi Homa. The AstroVed staff is very friendly and loving. I am feeling a lot better now; hope all the negative energy vanishes. Please do the best possible homa for (my father's) health and longevity.

RM - 04 Sep 2010

Fire Ritual Speeds up Sale

I had been trying to sell my old car for a few weeks. I wasn't asking for a lot of money, and so I had a fair amount of interest. No one followed through...On the Friday after I viewed the Lakshmi-Kubera Homa (live webcast), I was driving the car to do errands. Everyone was interested...I had about 6 inquiries within a few hours. That evening one of the men did show up to buy the car...for my asking price. I believe Lakshmi and Kubera definitely played a role in this.

MB - 27 Aug 2010

Reliable Service

It has been a source of comfort in making decisions.

DT - 24 Aug 2010

Positive Predictions, Great Results

It's fun. I tried it on a whim because it's so inexpensive and I was curious, but I had a big result with the recommendation that the astrologer gave me.The answers and positive predictions that the astrologer gave to my original questions are like an icing on the cake.

Denisa Borges - 12 Aug 2010

Fire Ritual evokes Happiness

The astrologer suggested me to do a Rudra homa,it was scheduled on a Sani Pradosham. The homa started at 8am EST, and shortly after that I felt the fontanel area on top of my crown and thought, I wonder if they just read my name.

About 20 minutes or so later, it felt like something was cleared or swept away above my head. I had a very, very happy feeling, like the kind of fleeting feeling of big happiness one gets when listening to one's favorite music. Only this feeling is not fleeting. Everything white in my house seems whiter. It's a feeling of happiness and optimism and extra energy that hasn't left me, even days later.

Denisa Borges - 12 Aug 2010

Affordable and Effective Service

I am generally getting very quick answer and happy with this. Most of the time I get clear answer. This is one of the few affordable services by AstroVed that are working nicely to me.

Shalom Sarah - 07 Aug 2010

Divinely Charged Answers

The answers from the Astrologer are really fantastic. Very accurate..It gives us hope to see a light at the end of the tunnel. My sincere thanks for the wonderful divine readings!

Ri Gopalan - 07 Aug 2010

Spot-on Predictions

One of the best services. It is priced within the reach of common man. Please continue in this manner. I had some problems in society about which I had put a query. Things turned out as per the answer given.

J. Nair - 06 Aug 2010

Materialization of Work Opportunity

The answers are clear, compassionate and accurate. It's really amazing and the answers are 99% accurate. My son has recently received a very prestigious work assignment as predicted by the Astrologer.

Donatella Riback - 06 Aug 2010

Good Decision-making Tool

It's very good to have an on-call system like this for urgent questions when you need decision making help. I'm very grateful for you having set this up so smoothly.

Juho Tunkelo - 06 Aug 2010

Excellent Tool for Knowing Remedies

It is certainly a great tool that helps in taking decisions and performing additional remedies to rectify a problem...this service provided me with just the specific remedies for specific problems that inflict my life.

Yael Harpak - 06 Aug 2010

Great Clarity in Short Time

Thank you for making this technology/service available. Super fast answers and clarity in minutes!

Kundan Al-Awqati - 06 Aug 2010

Impressive Predictions

This is an awesome oracle!

Chantel Sierra - 06 Aug 2010

Great Value for Time and Money

I really love this service. I think it is hands down the best service featured on AstroVed. I love how you can ask a question about anything and get a clear, concise answer within 5 minutes. The cost of the questions is not expensive either, so it is definitely worth it. Whenever something is on my mind, I will ask a question and I know I will get an answer back shortly.

The Prashna service is the one that I will be using the most. Overall, I am very satisfied with the Prasna Service. Thank you for releasing such a service and please continue on with it. I love what you guys do.

Omair Haneef - 06 Aug 2010

Accuracy in Financial Predictions

I trade stocks and the astrologer has been accurate in describing the movement of the market.

Susan Gail Cole - 06 Aug 2010

Highly Relevant Answers

A few of the answers that come have surprised me and are sometimes not what I have expected, but nonetheless I accept them because they seem relevant.

Agastya Sivadas - 06 Aug 2010

Satisfaction with the Service

Thank you for your great job and for the permanently-improving services in order to help us...overall I'm satisfied with the answers.

Roxana Dragomir - 06 Aug 2010

Quick Response to Questions

I have only tried it one day ago and was very pleased with the quick reply and the clear answers given.

Padma Malini - 06 Aug 2010

Remarkable Findings through Nadi

Every human life, as I am given to understand, is impacted by two things - one is the past life, and second is the current karmic balance. This is where AstroVed's Nadi Astrology plays a critical role to help identify an individual's past life and its bearing on current life.

Recently, I have had the opportunity of undergoing Nadi reading and was amazed to know the findings. It was like standing in front of a mirror with utmost transparency of the past, present, and near future.

A. Ramesh - 04 Aug 2010

Fire Ritual for Huge Karmic Release

I performed the Pratayangira Devi Homa recently...by attending the ritual in person in Chennai. During the course of the Homa, I experienced very strong vibrations within myself and by the time we reached the end of the Homa I felt so light, as if tons of weight had been removed from my body. One has to really experience such an inexplicable feeling, and no words can describe this joy and bliss.

A. Ramesh - 04 Aug 2010

Hora Watch

I love Hora Watch. So much complicated information presented so seamless and yes easy. Thank you for putting so much sacred information in my pocket.

Vedic astrology - 05 Jul 2010

Wonderful Application

This is a wonderful time management application. It shows each ruling planet for the specific hour. Previously, I was using excel spread sheets and charts to be in tune with the planets. Now it is on my iPhone as an app. Being a student of Vedic astrology Science, I will benefit from this application tremendously.

Petekutku - 04 Jul 2010

Awesome Tool

I love this app. Not only does it tell you exactly what Hora you're in for your geographical location, but also gives you the audio planetary mantra as well as the written one! You can plan today, tomortow or 10 years into the future with this app. Best of all, it's easy to navigate.

Kristy - 04 Jul 2010

Informative Tool

Simple, Easy and very informative! Awesome! Everything I need in the palm of my hand! Thank you. No more excel formulas. Easy to use and plan my important business meetings.

anonymous - 01 Jul 2010

Divinely Charged Prasad

I received your Vibuthi (sacred grey ash) and Kum-kum (red vermillion powder) which were blessed in the ritual - Kubera-Swarna Akarshana Bhairava Pooja. I saw the envelope after my meditation; I applied it in between my eyebrows while saying prayers to respective Deities. To my shock, my right arm had a strong 2 sec vibrations and I felt it very much. Immediately, I thanked the same Deities.

AstroVed, you have made a loyal customer and I am once again amazed by your prompt professional service. My hearty thanks to your entire team.

Anietah Anandan - 28 Jun 2010

Accurate Angel Reading

I believe the Vishnu Mayai reading I heard from "Siddhar" is one of the best time I ever spent in this universe. Each and every word about me and my past was true, and I am much confident and happy about my future prediction. It was really astonishing how he was able to rightly point out about the new vehicle purchase in my mind. The doubts about my marriage are also cleared.

All my best wishes and prayers to AstroVed and team to continue this type of best service to the entire humanity.

Giri Vishwanathan - 26 Jun 2010

Reliable Predictions by Angel

The Angel reader was really accurate in describing about my current situation. I'm very positive about the predictions and the remedies suggested will definitely help me.

Ajay Patil - 26 Jun 2010

Useful Angel Reading

Thank you for the reading. It has been very helpful. I also thank the Angel (Vishnu Mayai) with much gratitude and reverence.

Hasanthi Kingsley - 25 Jun 2010

Excellent Nadi Reading

Thanks and I am impressed with all your staff for the Nadi reading. They were all very eager and full of enthusiasm to help us out. Our heartfelt thanks to all who were there to assist us to complete (the reading) to our full satisfaction. I must say you got a first-class team.

Viganeswaran Ponnudurai - 31 May 2010

Angel Helps in Decision Making

I read the Vishnu Mayai reading on 27-01-2009 last year. The reading was so perfect. Not only on my job, but my finance and other dimensions in my life also. Every word is so perfectly matched.

So, this year once again I read the Vishnu Mayai during February 2010. There are some good aspects told by the Siddhar (spiritual man). I performed the remedies and, as per the prediction, I am starting a new business in May. And waiting for the other predictions to happen!

I certainly recommend everyone to take this reading before you take any significant decision in your life.

Panchapakesan Nageswaran - 12 Apr 2010

Angel Remedies for Better Health

My father's health is better now, in the sense he is looking better then what he looked previously... I will be ever grateful to everyone at AstroVed for all the help and prayer for my father. I have received the Mrityunjaya Yantra yesterday and my mother will be performing the pooja as advised (by Angel) today.

Tanuja Swamy - 09 Apr 2010

Predictions for Success in Business

I would like to thank all the blessed people from AstroVed for your wonderful work.

All priests and astrologers have done some amazing work to transform my life. The astrologers have been spot-on with their predictions. I wanted so much to get a franchisee with a fast food company I worked for.I'm writing to let you know I have been offered a franchisee in one of the company's branch.

I truly BELIEVE that with the right remedies I will turn this business into a money magnet that will support me, my employees, and those in need.

Rodrick Maforimbo - 05 Apr 2010

Money and Relationship Breakthrough

I have ordered an astrologer recommended remedy for negative planetary placement in my chart - a fire ritual to Lord Mars. This is to overcome losses regarding love, relationships and money, and the lack of respect from fellow professionals.

I wanted to say that all of your remedies have shown a vast improvement in my life including ease of employment and all of my relationships have seen an overall improvement. I am making more money than at any time of my life and I feel it is due in part, if not all, to the remedies recommended by your astrologers.

Thank you so much for your valued services, and I am a very satisfied customer and promise to continue to use AstroVed.com as a guidance tool.Thank you many, many times over and I look forward to using this site in the future.

Carla Rael - 03 Apr 2010

Personalized Remedies

This is to thank the astrologer with whom I had two astrological consultations. I appreciate his calm, cordial style of communication.

In the first session, he ran me through the various houses, and then suggested remedies for the weak planets. I have been following his recommendations of praying and offering a lamp to Goddess Durga, Sri Dakshinamurthy, Sri Hanuman, and Goddess Parvati on specific days.

The results have been definite; my relationships and finances, the two areas I asked for help on, have got much better. And there is an inner "yes" as I perform these remedies; my emotional guidance system saying emphatically 'yes this is the right thing'.

Much gratitude to the astrologer and all of you at AstroVed.

George Mathew - 02 Mar 2010

Right Remedy for the Right Job

Yesterday, I got a job offer from a big IT company for a senior position, after a gap of 9 months. Two weeks back, I performed the remedy as advised by your astrologer, and like a miracle I got the offer letter. I wish to thank AstroVed and the astrologer, in particular, for patient listening and suggesting the right remedy.

A.N. Sridhar - 25 Feb 2010

Gratitude to the Angel

Thank you very much for the interpretation that you have done on behalf of the Angel reading. Thank you for the written report and as per the remedy that has been suggested.

Thank you once again and thank Angel reader on my behalf. Good luck and keep me posted any time the Siddha does the Angel reading.

Shyla George Mathew - 25 Feb 2010

Astrological Advice to Overcome Challenges

I have just had a 30-minute phone consultation with an AstroVed astrologer to discuss some setbacks and challenges I have been having for some time now. He was able to very quickly explain why I was having these problems because of where the planets were...considering it was only 30 minutes, he did very well keeping the explanation simple for someone not so well-versed in astrology.

I found him very keen to answer my questions and to suggest several remedies that I can do. I sensed that he has a great respect for the body of knowledge that he possess in the subject of Astrology, and that was encouraging for me, and gave me more faith in what he was explaining.

He could not have been any more helpful than he was...the consultation was very valuable and appreciated...I look forward to another consultation in a few weeks...it is well worth the advice that I got.

Florence Tivoli - 17 Feb 2010

Nadi Predictions come True

Recently, I read Nadi leaf of 7th chapter. I am surprised. The man who is written in Nadi leaf, manifested in my life. I think 95% is correct to that which is written in Nadi 7th chapter. I am immensely thankful to Sri La Sri Dattatriya Siva Baba. Thanks!

Hiroppi, Japan - 10 Feb 2010

Exceptional Nadi Reading

I've just been sitting thinking about the reading in the last hour, and I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you that (Nadi) reading went incredibly well and I really feel that this will be accurate as it seemed to work so well.

Amazing - I am so very grateful - thanks for the chance - it really has made a difference, and I know what I'm about to hear will make a major difference to my life. Please thank the astrologer and the translator again for me - I am so very grateful and very relieved!

Ange - 10 Feb 2010

Gratitude for Nadi Reading

Thank you so very much. I am so grateful for this gift (of Nadi).

Stephanie - 10 Feb 2010

Nadi Prescribed Protection

I am looking for the prayer and blessings, and also to receive the Raksha plate upon completion of 120 days of ritual. Once again, thank you very much, especially to the proxy person who will be representing me during the ritual.

Isis Liew Yuk Kong - 10 Feb 2010

Professional Nadi Remedies

I understand that the (Nadi) remedies need to be done on specific days and appreciate your professionalism. All the best to your staff and your divine work.

Victoria Janis - 10 Feb 2010

Efficient Translation of Nadi Chapters

Thank you very much for sending the Nadi chapters which I will read in great detail. Please extend my best regards to the very kind translator who helped me during my appointment.

Maria Toselli - 10 Feb 2010

Excellent Quality Products

I am pleased to write that I have received the Saturn Yantra in very good order. I was pleasantly surprised that just in one day of enquiring the status, I received it! Thank you for that.

Barring delays, products from Astroved are "world class". There is no critique I can give on that.

Bala Padmanabhan - 26 Jan 2010

Perfect Predictions by Angel

Last year on 27th Jan 2009, I had got the Vishnu Mayai Reading done and the report/ readings predicted have turned out to be perfect and it has been really helpful to me. Based on the Vishnu Mayai reading, I was suggested to do the NavaGraha Homa and install a NavaGraha Yantra as a remedy to Pithru Dosha, which I wish to mention that I have promptly done.

Sudhir Joshi - 22 Jan 2010

Satisfactory Angel Reading

It is an enlightening session, and I would like to have a similar reading next year for 2011.

Lee Meng - 22 Jan 2010

Focused Reports

Thank you so much for the (astrological) report. I am feeling extremely blessed!! In fact, now I am feeling as if I don't have to fear at all. I am so glad I decided to go for this report.

Mayuri P. Kulkarni - 29 Dec 2009

Skilled Astrological Reading

Thank you so much for your skillful (astrological) analysis. I have enjoyed reading it very much.

Katie McConnell - 15 Oct 2009

Angel helps Manifest Daughter's Dream

Reference to your reading, I am very thankful that what Vishnu Mayai said has truly materialized and come true.

Today, my daughter is into her first year of dentistry in Medan, Indonesia. It was Baba's blessing and your prediction that gave our family the full confidence and paved the way for my daughter to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a Doctor.

I must say though that the journey was not smooth, we had faced many obstacles. Firstly, we had no saving and as the time was drawing closer for her registration, where we had to pay a huge amount upfront, a buyer came forth to buy our small piece of land that we could not sell for the past 10 years. We were awe struck - this must be truly the blessing of Baba and Vishnu Mayai. He was even so gracious to part with large amount of money for the medical school deposit, even before the transfer of the title could take place.

As the days came closed for her departure to Medan, my daughter lost her original school certificate needed for her registration, we prayed for Baba's guidance and help and somehow the medical college accepted her police report and Photostat copies until she gets replacement from the Ministry of Education here.

Our family is truly grateful to Baba and Vishnu Mayai for making our dream come true.

Suppayah - 12 Oct 2009

Predictions Par Excellence

Being an astrologer, I have fairly good knowledge about horoscopes. For my horoscope, many of the renowned astrologers were not able to make right predictions about my job and marriage. Whatever they predicted failed. At some moment of time, I stopped believing in this occult science at least for my horoscope.

I have consulted about my Horoscope first in May 2006 and again in June 2008. The predictions given with dasas have almost (90%) come true. I owe my gratitude to the astrologer. When I was struggling in problems he was able to guide me properly and threw light on events. I heartfully thank him for his awesome predictions.

And hope with his exceptional dasa predictions his knowledge definitely will be useful for many people in future. May Jupiter give him great intuition in predictions!

Haroon - 17 Sep 2009

Quick Resolution of Legal Problems

Two days later (after Muruga rituals), some very sticky and complicated things in my life sorted themselves out. The first is that a law suit had been dropped at no cost to me, which was already showing, that it would have taken everything we have and the party had the right to sue us for everything we have. We had been waiting since September, for a reply regarding the law suit, and the other party had not been responding. Since the Muruga ritual, the party replied releasing us from liability to their legal costs.

We also sold a vehicle two years ago. Since we sold it, the vehicle has been in trouble and the party who purchased it from us, was not being held accountable; we were. In Canada, the last registered owner is responsible for all legal problems/costs on a vehicle. Today, which is three days after the Muruga ritual, we spoke with police, and they agreed to release us from the liabilities in relation to this vehicle, and further to that, have located the individual who was involved in the illegal activities.

I am truly grateful to Baba, and AstroVed, and all of the beautiful priests in India who serve us.

Mona - 27 Jan 2009

Predictions for Good Decision-making

I'm extremely satisfied with the readings from the astrologer every month. The predictions are pin-point accurate. I was able to take important decisions with the readings. Apart from the monthly calls, whenever needed, I always got the guidance and support from the astrologer.

Ajay Patil - 20 Jan 2009

Solution for Health and Relationship Issues

Just wanted to tell you how much your Poojas and Homas have helped me. I ordered a Tarpanam for myself and my mother last Amavasya, and some Hanuman Pooja. Our relationship has improved, our health, and my relationship with Divine Mother has improved.

The timing was perfect, we are both having favorable astrology for healing karma, and the AstroVed services were the perfect help to make it work.

I have ordered quite a few services from AstroVed over the last few years, and they have all helped considerably. Thank you for providing this valuable service.

Lance R. Lammon - 12 Jan 2009

Wonderful Result of Coconut Breaking Ritual

Several months ago, I purchased a ritual remedy from AstroVed for a nonprofit with which I am affiliated called 'Take a Stand Against Elder Abuse'(TASAEA). This non-profit's main fundraiser is the Annual Centenarian Banquet which honors local people aged 100-plus. One of the honorees, who has attended all six banquets, happens to be the oldest man in the country, according to Guinness World Records. His name is George Francis.

TASAEA, despite being a very worthy organization, has not grown in the past six years nor has it raised much money for the cause of supporting local elder abuse prevention and intervention programs. Several months ago, I decided to try Divine intervention in the form of an obstacle-removing Coconut Breaking Remedy from AstroVed.

Yesterday, I checked the TASAEA phone messages, and there was a call from a reporter with CNN, wanting to contact George Francis because he is not only the oldest man in the country, he is also the oldest voter, and he voted for Barack Obama. I hurriedly gave the message to his son Tony, and today George Francis was interviewed on CNN! The story is widespread on the Net.

TASAEA has been presented with a unique opportunity to use this wave of publicity surrounding its oldest volunteer, to further the mission of the organization. The Lord does work in mysterious ways!

Rozie Doz - 07 Nov 2008

A Prayer Answered

Recently, I ordered a Pooja for the clearing of karma on Lord Ganesha's birthday. I have always been prayerful, yet sometimes with all the suffering in my life, I had wondered if there was a God. I knew there is a God and I believed, but my pain didn't allow me to feel free or love from my heart like I used to. Today, I wanted to say that I feel that love, that happiness and it comes from deep within. I feel this blessing because I came across a book called "Loving Ganesha". I know in my heart that the prayers that the pundits and priest did for me in India was answered by Lord Ganesha himself, and he sent this book my way so that I may say 'thank you'.

Indeara Hanoomansingh - 12 Sep 2008

Divine Technology for Attraction

Thank you for the (Sthri Vasiya) Yantra. I am very happy. Also, I would like to say that the mantra 'Kleem' is an absolutely amazing mantra. I have been only practicing it for 1-2 weeks and have been extremely happy with the outcomes. WOW. I would like to thank Dattatriya Siva Baba for all his teaching. He is a true god sent.

Rickin Patel - 08 Aug 2007

Divine Tools for Family Bliss

After Lakshmi Narayana pooja and using Hanuman Yantra, everything in family is going smooth. Peace and happiness remains too... It's all by divine's grace. And thank you to AstroVed too for rendering good service in this matter.

V.K. Arun Prasad - 03 Aug 2007

Rituals for All-round Improvement

For me, the rituals done in AstroVed.com helped in overcoming the strained relationships in the family, to get a better job, and also to evolve spiritually. My parents had shown my horoscope to many astrologers and they said that Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja has to be done, in order to reduce the negative effects of Rahu and Ketu.

It is only through AstroVed.com, that I am able to perform the rituals at a nominal price, and also got the desired benefits out of the same. I totally agree that AstroVed.com is doing yeomen service in bringing the ancient Vedic wisdom to the current world, and has also practically proved their claims through the benefits yielded out of their consultation and rituals. I strongly recommend whomsoever having problems in their life to get in touch with AstroVed.com, and alleviate their sufferings, through the ancient Vedic wisdom brought to us through Satguru Siva Baba.

S. Ramalingam - 11 Sep 2006
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