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Introducing Agni Interactive

What is a Fire Lab?

Dr. Pillai

Fire Lab, a term coined by Dr. Pillai, is based on the ritualistic practice of using fire, which is found in many cultures all over the world. Not limited to any one religion, it is a universal, multidimensional technology to communicate with non-physical intelligences. These are the Angels, Gods, and Goddess (Archetypes) that the prophets, messiahs, and seers of all religions were in contact with. The Archetypes were the supernatural source behind their healing miracles, their other-worldly intuition, and their power over the material world. The Fire Lab was, and still is considered to be the most powerful way to connect with these celestial beings, as fire is the bridge between physical and non-physical realities.

“Of all the techniques, the Fire Lab is the most evolved. It is the shortcut to obtain wealth.”
~ Dr. Pillai


How a Fire Lab Works

Using Fire (Agni) as the medium, different materials, sounds, and emotionally-charged prayers are used to invoke Archetypes and access their power. Their energy literally comes through the external fire, as well as the internal fire (gross and subtle energy) within the human system. Through divine law, when the Fire Lab is performed properly the Archetypes are compelled to respond to pure-intentioned requests.

Why Our Fire Labs are Powerful

Fire Labs

Although a seemingly simple concept, a Fire Lab is an incredibly intricate and complex technology. Much like a watch, it has many moving parts that are delicately woven together, and if even one is not in alignment with the rest it will not work properly. They need to be performed with extreme precision. Our Fire Lab specialists each have gone through years of rigorous training and initiation to perform Fire Labs, and were hand-selected by Dr. Pillai. They possess the knowledge of proxy technology, which allows sponsors to receive the benefits of a Fire Lab without having to be physically present.

The Agni Interactive Experience

Experience LIVE interactive Fire Labs via webcast, where you can tune into the power of the Fire Lab from anywhere in the world. You will be guided by our trained specialists to chant certain mantras, when to offer prayers, and how to perform certain actions at home to connect more deeply. However, even if you are unable to tune in live, the benefits will reach you wherever you are in the world, thanks to our Proxy Technology.

Get started by choosing which Fire Lab(s) you would like to receive the benefits from, or by joining our monthly Fire Circle to receive the benefits of every Fire Lab for the month at a discounted price.

What People Are Saying

Lori Grasing says:
Fire Labs are Amazing! Everything is shifting since I started participating in these. The Priests are so professional, and when they read off the participants I am dumbfounded as to how they do that so magnificently!


Maria says:
Thank you Babaji, Premaraja and the priests who have the knowledge and warmest kindness to perform the these poojas on our behalf. Also for their generosity to guide us for those who want to perform them at home.


Mittu says:
We are far away from the motherland and hard to get the puja done this way and participate. This was so unique and comfortable to watch and participate.


Cheryl Spring:
I warmly thank the Pillai Center Fire Lab team for the powerful ceremonies. I seemed to alternate between smiling and crying. The Vedic mantras were both beautiful and powerful. Thank you so much.

Cheryl Spring

Lalma Dickens:
I have participated in two different fire labs and I have felt a shift in consciousness. My life has improved and my relationships are amazing. I recommend this to everyone that really wants to life their best lift.

Lalma Dickens

Don, Maryland USA:
I have found the Pillai Center’s Interactive Fire Labs and Dr. Pillai’s teachings to be truly inspirational — the labs help me pay tribute to spirit while the teachings keep me focused intently on my goals. The combined results have been great. Many thanks to the Pillai Center and Dr. Pillai.

Don, Maryland

February 2017 Interactive Fire Lab

Dissolving Bad Money Karma Ceremony on February 24th

Interactive Fire Lab

This Karma-Dissolving Ceremony will be performed under the 13th Moon and Shravana star, on a Friday. Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet who signifies luxuries, comforts, and prosperity. The star Shravana is associated with money. With the combination of Friday and the 13th Moon, this is a bad money karma dissolving power time. We will be hydrating the Dancing Shiva (Nataraj) who is the supreme karma dissolver.

This ritual will not be broadcasted.

March 2017 Interactive Fire Lab Bundle

Join the March Fire Circle to participate in all 8 scheduled events at a huge discount!

6 Live Interactive Fire Labs

2 Pradosham Ritual

Interactive Fire Lab

To help and empower you, March Fire Circle takes advantage of the unique energies available at this crucial time as you lay the foundation on which you’ll create the best year of your life!

Remember, as part of an Agni Interactive Fire Circle, you are joining forces with like-minded spiritualists around the world to share intentions and tune into these energies at the same time!

You will be included in the 6 Fire Labs and 2 Pradosham rituals listed below.

Access the Light of Pleiadian Wisdom Interactive Fire Lab

March 3rd at 5.30 pm PST/ 8.30 pm EST/ 7.00 am IST (March 4th)

Interactive Fire Lab

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed for the Archetype Muruga, a Pleiadian God who is playing a major role in manifesting the Golden Age. The Fire Lab will be performed under the Krittika star, known as Alcyone in astronomy. Krittika is the brightest star of the Pleiades. Muruga himself is said to come from this star.

Krittika was part of the famous cosmic alignment with the Sun and Earth in 2012. In addition, the Fire Lab will be performed during the 6th Waxing Moon, which is also a special power time for Muruga. Muruga’s energy helps open the 3rd eye of wisdom. He can activate all 6 parts of the brain for super-intelligence. He is a supreme destroyer of dark forces who manifest as debts, disease, disputes, and conflicts.

Acquire Winner’s Consciousness and Perfection Interactive Fire Lab

March 7th at 7.30 pm PST/ 10.30 pm EST/ 9:00 am IST (March 8th)

Interactive Fire Lab

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed for the Archetype Rama, a warrior/ruler form of Vishnu. Rama embodies the consciousness of an ultimate winner and perfect human. The Fire Lab will be performed while the Moon is in the same star it was in when Rama incarnated in ancient times: Punarvasu. Furthermore, Vishnu rules Mercury, he planet that rules Wednesday (the day of the week this Fire Lab will be performed), and Vishnu’s energy is very active during 11th Waxing Moon (the Moon phase during the Fire Lab).

Rama’s energy can give you the highest self-esteem as well as victory in all areas of your life. He can make you a successful winner. The very name Rama is considered a star amongst mantras, representing an entire spectrum of divine power as the sounds of RAMA are a merger of both Vishnu’s and Shiva’s energy.

Cleanse Your Soul-Genetic Karma on March 10th

Interactive Fire Lab

This Karma-Dissolving Ceremony will be performed for the Shiva Archetype, the supreme dissolver of Karma. The Moon will be in the star of Magha during this time. This means negative karma you may be receiving from your ancestors who are not yet in the light can be purified. Magha is ruled by the ‘Pitris’ who are the ancestors who have crossed into the light and have gained divine power. Within our individual soul all the souls of our ancestors are represented, and they influence how we think, speak, act, and all circumstances in our lives. This is something Dr.Pillai calls as ‘soul-genetics’. According to some Enlightened seers, because of this soul-connection we have with our ancestors, they are even more powerful to help or hurt us than even the Gods and Goddesses.

Join us in the Pradosham ritual on March 10th. This ritual will not be broadcasted.

Expand Your Wealth and Good Fortune Interactive Fire Lab

March 11th at 6.30 pm PST/ 9.30 pm EST/ 8.00 am IST (March 12th)

Interactive Fire Lab

This Interactive Fire Lab will be for the Archetype Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, beauty, and good fortune. The Fire Lab will be performed during the Full Moon, a very powerful time to acquire the wealth energies of the Goddess. The day has several auspicious elements. The Moon will be in the star of PurvaPhalguni (sometimes called the “party star”). This star is ruled by Venus, a planet ruled by Lakshmi. Venus will be in full strength sitting in Pisces, a Zodiac sign ruled by benefic Jupiter. Jupiter will also be giving additional favorable influences to Venus due to his current placement in the Zodiac.

Jupiter’s energy is one that expands, and he is also associated with wealth and good fortune. With all of this supportive energy, the Goddess Lakshmi’s Archetype can be readily accessed through this Fire Lab to enhance all forms of wealth, as well as your overall luck and good fortune.

Heal Your Brain and Empower Golden Age Evolution Interactive Fire Lab

March 15th at 8.30 pm PDT/ 10.30 pm EDT/ 9.00 am IST (March 16th)

Interactive Fire Lab

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed for Aadhi Ganesha, the primordial human-faced form of the Archetype Ganesha. Ganesha is known for removing obstacles and is usually depicted with an elephant-headed form. However, Dr.Pillai has mentioned that Ganesha wishes to be worshiped in his original form to help accelerate the Golden Age. The enlightened Tamil siddha Agastiyar continues to worship this form of Ganesha on 4th Waning Moon days in physical or subtle form. Our

Fire Lab will be conducted during a 4th Waning Moon. Everyone can use the mantra OM GUM AADHI GANESHAYA NAMAHA throughout a 4th Waning Moon day. Visualize the human-faced form of Ganesha ascending into your thalamus (a tiny part of the brain located just above the brain stem between the cerebral cortex and midbrain) to remove negative karma stored in your brain. The Fire Lab will enhance your connection to this ancient and reactivated form of Ganesha and link you to the incoming tides of the Golden Age.

Improve Your Time Management and Get Protection from Negativity

March 19th at 8.30 pm PDT/ 11.30 pm EDT/ 9.00 am IST (March 20th)

Interactive Fire Lab

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed for the Archetype Kala Bhairava, a God of time, protection and a fierce remover of negativity. The Moon rules Monday and will be in the star of Jyestha. This reddish star is called the “heart of Scorpio.” Jyestha is known as Antares in astronomy and is a huge star. If you placed Jyestha in our Solar System where our Sun is, its body would reach past the Sun, Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars and half-way out to Jupiter. The intensity of the Moon in this star will greatly amplify prayers to Kala Bhairava. He is associated with the 8th Waning Moon, a phase active during the Fire Lab.

This is an auspicious day to invoke Kala Bhairava and sincerely seek vigorous protection from all forms of negative energies, including evil eye and jealousy from others. It is also a good time to request Kala Bhairava’s help in improving your time management skills.

Dissolve Diseases, Destroy Fear and Diffuse Karmic Suffering on March 25th

Interactive Fire Lab

This Karma-Dissolving Ceremony will be performed for the Archetype Shiva, the supreme dissolver of Karma. This is considered an exceptionally powerful karma-dissolving time known as Shani Pradosham, a name given when the 13th Moon falls on a Saturday. The planet Saturn is in charge of delivering our karmic suffering as well as our fear and longevity. Due to Saturn’s influences, this is an optimal time to upgrade self-esteem and diffuse the effects of our negative karma. The Moon will be in the star of Shatabishak, a star associated with healing. This energy combined with Saturn’s influences on longevity means the ceremony will enhance the body’s vital forces which support long-term health. Additionally, forces for vitality to heal diseases will be readily accessible.

Join us in the Pradosham ritual on March 25th. This ritual will not be broadcasted.

Receive the Divine Light of the Primordial Being Interactive Fire Lab

March 25th at 5.30 pm PDT/ 8.30 pm EDT/ 6.00 am IST (March 26th)

Interactive Fire Lab

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed for the Archetype Shiva, the primordial being associated with infinite compassion, power and intelligence. The day will be Sunday, ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the planet of light and intelligence and is ruled by Shiva. Shiva is also associated with the 14th Waning Moon, which will be active during the ceremony. This makes it a very effective day to connect with Shiva’s light. Shiva is considered by the Siddhas (Perfected Mystics) as the primordial being from which everything originated.

His qualities are said to be that of infinite intelligence, compassion & mercy, unlimited potency, and unending bliss. With the impact of the Sun, who represents our soul, this will be an optimal time to access the Grace Light of Shiva through the Fire Lab for all around peace, prosperity and evolution toward the highest enlightenment.

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