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Mars Transit Into Cancer: King of 2017 Planetary Court Becomes Debilitated – LIVE on July 11, 2016 at 6:00 pm IST


Mars, the King of the Planetary Court for the Vedic Year of 2017-2018 who is also responsible for relationships, will be debilitated in Cancer for 47 days from July 11, 2017 (IST). While in his weakest sign, Mars may tend to exhibit its darker side like creating manipulation, arguments and emotional disturbances in all relationships, especially in romantic relationships. The day of transit is the most opportune time to propitiate Mars, his overlo..

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Sudharshana Jayanthi: Birth of Lord Vishnu’s Divine Weapon – LIVE on July 2, 2017 at 6:30 am IST


Sudharshana Jayanthi, is the birthday of supreme divine Sudharshana Chakra (wheel or discus), the mighty weapon of Lord Vishnu. This powerful weapon is carried by the preserver and sustainer archetype, Lord Vishnu, as a solid shield of righteousness which can confront all negative forces that obstruct your growth and success. The Sudharshana Jayanthi falls on Shukla Paksha Dasami (10th Waning Moon) in the Tamil month of Aadi (Jul – Aug). ..

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Preeminent Wish-Fulfilling and Sin-Removing Rudra Ceremonies in A Unique Combination – LIVE on June 28, 2017 at 6:00 pm IST


‘Sri Rudram’ is a Vedic hymn written as a prayer to Archetype Rudra, the fierce form of Lord Shiva, to transform from his fierce form to his peaceful form and shower us with his blessings. This prayer has two parts, with each divided into eleven sections. The first part has verses ending with the term “Nama” and hence this part is named ‘Namakam’ or ‘Rudram’. The second part is named ‘Chamakam’ as the verses end with “Cha Me..

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Grand Group Dashavatar Homa Series: 10-Fold Blessings of 10 Vishnu Avatars – June 13, 2017 (IST)


The Bhagavata Purana, considered the 5th Veda explains that Lord Vishnu has taken 10 Avatars (divine incarnations) to help human beings to overcome all problems and obtain blessings for a successful and prosperous life. For the first time, AstroVed is bringing you a rare series of fire rituals dedicated to each of the 10 Vishnu Avatars. Every month we have selected the most auspicious day for hosting a Grand Homa to invoke one of the 10 Avatars o..

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Emergency Karma Clinic on 4th Waning Moon – July 12, 2017 (IST)


Karma is the force of reciprocity that follows us wherever and whenever we are. It is the source of all forms of suffering and misfortune. Although persistent and pervasive, it can be effectively nullified through appropriate spiritual technology. ..

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Guru Purnima: The Most Powerful Homa in AstroVed’s History for Spiritual and Material Wealth – July 19, 2016 IST


The Tamil Siddhas are a highly-secretive group of perfected beings. Their ancient, unbroken tradition is steeped in mystery, hailing from the secluded mountains and jungles of Southern India. Having journeyed beyond Enlightenment, their wisdom, power, and blessings are so profound they are sought by even the Gods and Goddesses. This is the spiritual lineage that Dr. Pillai, our founder, represents. The most powerful time to receive their blessing..

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Every 18 months, the karmic planets Rahu moves from Leo to Cancer and Ketu moves from Aquarius to Capricorn. In 2017, Rahu enters Cancer and Ketu enters Capricorn on August 18, 2017 and will be in the respective signs until March 8, 2019 (IST). ..

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Spiritual Time of the Fierce Mother Goddess: Rituals to Annihilate Enemies & Grant Prosperity


The month of Ashada is dedicated to worshipping goddesses who are fierce, yet compassionate towards their children. For the first time ever, AstroVed launches Ashada Navratri, a special nine-day summer celebration of Archetypal Mother Goddess Varahi, followed by the Bhagavati Seva power ritual of Archetypal Mother Goddess Durga, or Rajarajeswari. Participate in the rituals which will begin from July 5th onwards. Read More..

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Love is life and creation. Love sustains life. With love, you can create beautiful and fulfilling relationships. You have come into the earthplane to experience relationships. You manifest your relationship karma in this lifetime. The most challenging karma can be romantic relationships. These relationships are the most fulfilling, but most of the times they are also the source of the greatest pain...

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Premium Karuppaswamy Saturn Solution Package


Saturn is known as the Karmic planet, and he will give you life experiences based on your past life karma. He is associated with the lessons that we need to learn in this material world. Sometimes, these lessons are difficult to assimilate and require remedies so that we learn as well as maintain happiness and a good life...

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Special Saturn Remedy Package For On Going Blessings


As a response to requests from our members, AstroVed has created a special Saturn Remedy package which can benefit all our members to reduce any negative influence and increase the blessings of Saturn. If you are running Sani Dasa (Saturn Major Period), Sani Bhukti (Saturn Minor Period), Sade Sati (Seven and half Period of Saturn), Ashtama Sani (Saturn in 8th House), Artha Ashtama Sani (Saturn in 4th House), Saturn in 9th House (Affects Fortune a..

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Daily Karma Removal Program (DKRP): Daily Rituals by Proxy for Karma Removal on “Autopilot”


Unless you become conscious of your karmic patterns, you won’t be able to break away from doing the same thing day after day, year after year, life after life. The Yogis and Siddhas consider rituals to be much more powerful than meditation when it comes to breaking your old karmic patterns. Rituals are a technology that can bypass the human ego and work directly with the soul, giving more profound and much faster results...

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Manifesting with Moon Phases Package: Vedic Technology to Connect with the Archetypal Energies of the Day


Each month, there are powerful moon phase days that can help you manifest your monthly goals.Get aligned with the energies of the day and receive the blessings and benefits of the deity of the day. Special Archanas and Abhishekams will be performed at famous energy vortices for the Archetypes. Participate in manifesting with Moon Phases Package ..

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Vedic Technology for Miraculously Resolving Financial, Relationship and Health Problems


Dr. Pillai recommends performing Tarpanam on an ongoing basis, without fail. It is the most essential ritual to resolve every kind of problem, and it is the greatest act you can do to help liberate your ancestors and help free your children from negative ancestral influences. For the first time ever, AstroVed is offering you a special package of an entire year of Tarpanam rituals performed for you at Rameswaram. Take advantage of this special opp..

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Timing is Everything: 2017 AstroVed Calendar


Timing is everything, and your 2017 Essential Timing Calendar is available now. The Muhurtha is a timing tool used in Astrology to determine the most superior or most beneficial times to start or stop events, including remedies or corrective rituals. Order your 2017 AstroVed Calendar and be prepared for the optimal times ahead.....

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Birthday Rituals Package (40% discount) on Your Birthday


Get ready to remove negative Karma on your Birthday with some great divine techniques. We have created these birthday packages to help you take full advantage of your personal time of renewal. The powerful rituals designed to be performed on your birthday will increase divine blessings in your life and help you achieve your ideal 200% life (100% spiritual and 100% material).....

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May Interactive Fire Rituals


Fire Rituals/Homas are an effective technology allowing you to heal problems at their root cause. You can strategically use the secret of fire to get outside intervention and solutions to your problems or ambitions. Fire is the only element that can transform a material element into an etheric one. It lends itself to be the mediator between humans and Gods and is the bridge between heaven and earth so to speak.....

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Fix Your Planet, Fix Your Fortune


Without the planets, nothing can be manifested; even life is given by the planets. This specially personalized program will analyze your birth chart to identify the problems related to money, health, relationships, or career. The planets will be identified, and remedies like individual fire labs will be suggested to strengthen them...

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