Saturn Transit 2014
Saturn Transit in Scorpio: November 2nd, IST

Saturn is transiting to Scorpio on November 2nd, 2014 and will be residing in the same sign till January 26th, 2017. A Saturn Transit is an opportunity to strengthen an area in your life that has been operating dysfunctionaly and now needs to function optimally in order to assist you in traveling your path successfully. Work with Saturn instead of resisting his current lessons. You will come to a better understanding of Saturnian experiences and be able to move through this period of Saturn transit with more grace and ease.

Saturn Transit

All planets influence life; however, Saturn has a major impact in whichever house he transits to or occupies.He moves stealth-like and doesn't miss a chance to deliver his particular type of life lesson. Many people are fearful of Saturn due to the hardships people face under his influence. He teaches us lessons, trains us for increased responsibility and points out where we come up short. During his transit you often tend to experience what is considered the more 'negative' of his manifestations as he points out what area or areas you need to rework.

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Recommended Ritual

Personalized Saturn Transit Report
Saturn Transit Report Saturn Transit Report

One of the most important transits in 2014 is the transit of Saturn into Scorpio. As each person's birth details are unique, a personalized Saturn Transit Report will help you understand Saturn's effect on your birth chart and your life. You will be provided with specific details of what to expect and suggested ways to lessen the impact and make the best of the favorable energies.

Energized and Framed Horse Shoe
Saturn Transit

The energized Horse Shoe is known as an effective remedy for those experiencing the unfavorable influence of Saturn in one’s birth chart. It can benefit you, especially if you are undergoing Sade Sati, which is the 7 and ½ year period of Saturn, or Ashtama Shani, when Saturn is in the 8th house from one’s Moon sign, or Shani Dasha, which is the major period of Saturn, or Shani Bhukti, which is the minor period of Saturn. Horse Shoe works on the spiritual principle that any object acquires the consciousness of its owner, when used for a long duration of time.

This Horse Shoe, when fixed on the main door of the house as an upturned arch, is said to have the power to absorb the negativity and dissolve any bad fortune which a person may be experiencing due to Saturn’s adverse impact.

What Will I Receive?

Energized Kubera Yoga Wealth Yantra
Saturn Transit

Saturn moves into Scorpio on November 2nd and is associated with Jupiter during this period. When Jupiter is aspected or associated with Saturn, Kubera Yoga is formed and you can access this Yoga through this powerful Wealth Yantra. It has a Kubera Yantra in the middle with the Jupiter Yantra on the right and the Saturn Yantra on the left. This energized Yantra will bring in prosperity and wealth building confidence to you. Order your energized Kubera Yoga Wealth Yantra that will help to remove the wealth obtaining obstacles.

What Will I Receive?

Saturn Pooja Kit

Saturn Remedy KitPooja Remedy to Saturn is important as this planet is ‘The Agent of Your Karma’. Especially but not exclusively, when you are running your Saturn Dasha or Bukti, have Saturn in your 8th house and of course when you are running your 7 ½ year phase of Sade Sati. Make use of the Saturn Pooja kit for your remedy.

Saturn Yantra

The use of Saturn yantra will prove to be very advantageous! It can bring success in worldly affairs, success in business and help you to reach lofty heights.

Saturn Incense

Lighting incense cones for Saturn will lead you towards disciplined life, responsibility, humbleness. It help you gain peace of mind and will to nullify the ill effects of Saturn in your life.

Saturn Transit - Astrological Significance

Saturn will be out of its exaltation sign and moving into its enemy sign Scorpio. Saturn’s transit is considered more significant as it is the planet that delivers the good and bad of one’s life based on the previous karma and the karma done in this lifetime.

Saturn in a fixed sign will deliver the influence in slow pace and any good or bad influence will also be slow; however, with a high intensity. Saturn will be receiving the aspect of exalted Jupiter till July 2015, which is favorable and will reduce the malefic influence of Saturn. This aspect also creates Kubera Yoga. This yoga will shower lot of tangible assets through which monetary income will be there for generations.

The Moon signs that would enjoy good influence of Saturn are Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn, because the planet Saturn will be in the 6th, 3rd and 11th house respectively.

People born in the Moon signs Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius will be undergoing Sade Sati. During the Sade sati period, Saturn may give one hard tasks for all his misdoings and on the other hand he will also offer good results for people who have done good to others.

People born in the Moon sign Aries will be undergoing the 8th house malefic influence of Saturn, which will be very hard to pass on because both the signs Aries and Scorpio are not comfortable signs for Saturn. There will be more of hard time in profession, finances, health and relationship.

Offering your prayers to Lord Rama or Rama’s horoscope will bring in the blessings of Lord Saturn as the planet Saturn likes the features of Rama, who is known for his honesty, obedience, responsibility, duty consciousness and discipline.

Saturn will be in the 8th sign of Natural Zodiac. This will bring in transformations spiritually and also in career wise. Progress in Research field will also be witnessed.

Who do you become when life brings you the worst experiences?

It will be a pain point; however, Saturn does not inflict random or purposeless painful experiences. He teaches you to become closer to your higher source and be more compassionate and humble by putting you though difficulties. Sometimes it may feel as trial by fire but remember it only tough love. It is in your darkest moments that you either become more grateful and aware or become self-focused only and depressed for what has happened to you.

What can I do during the Saturn Period?

First get an idea of how this Saturn transit will impact you and then perform the remedy rituals accordingly.

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