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Cancer GlyphThe most important planetary transit of the Year takes place on Thursday (a day ruled by Jupiter), June 19th, 2014. It is the most momentous time of the year for you to change your destiny. Jupiter, the greatest benefic, moves into his exaltation sign of Cancer, and will remain in Cancer till July 14th, 2015. Jupiter is pure grace and is known for his providential help during times of utter hopelessness. A good Jupiter will help you to save money, to invest wisely, to pursue higher education and to have children. Jupiter is the essence of our civilization as a whole: Law, Education, Philosophy, Wisdom, Tradition, History and Classical Arts. Since Jupiter will stay in one sign for a whole year, his influence will have a lasting impact.

Ask Jupiter to Change Your Destiny

Receive Maximum Benefits from Jupiter

Receive Maximum Benefits from JupiterThe transit of Jupiter is a time when you can seek and obtain the maximum benefits from Jupiter. It is very helpful to acquire Jupiter's assistance in overriding any negative afflictions you have from any other planet. But, if Jupiter is unfavorably placed, i.e. when he cannot protect you, you are more prone to inner fears, distractions from others who could harm your reputation, and loss of opportunities for wealth. AstroVed will celebrate Jupiter's transit with pooja's and fire rituals on Thursday, June 19th IST. The day has been chosen because according to the Tamil Siddha Indian tradition the day Jupiter moves into Cancer is the most momentous day for you to change your destiny. We invite everyone to participate in these rituals; through an archana (pooja) or homa for your birth star.

Override Afflictions from other Planets

FREE: Exalted Jupiter Fire Ritual on June 19th, IST

FREE: Exalted Jupiter Fire RitualJoin us in celebrating Jupiter's transit with poojas and fire rituals on Thursday, June 19th. Jupiter's move into Cancer is your chance for a change of destiny. Jupiter is pure grace and is known for his providential help during times of utter hopelessness. We invite everyone to participate in these rituals, through an archana (pooja) or homa for your birth star. Everyone who wishes to connect with Jupiter can do so. You can participate for FREE in the Fire Ritual for Jupiter, which will be performed at the AstroVed Fire lab and Remedy center in Chennai on June 19th IST.

Please share the news of this FREE Jupiter Transit Fire Lab with your friends and loved ones as the more participants, the more powerful the Fire Lab becomes!

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How To Connect with Jupiter:

Yellow SapphireIn Vedic Astrology Yellow Sapphire is the astrological gem used to propitiate Jupiter. And wearing a Yellow Sapphire ring will amplify your Jupiter energy. You can also join in the following activities:

Upcoming Events & Final Reminders

Tuesday Pradosham is for Clearing Debt, June 10th and 24th

Venus PlanetDuring a 13th Moon (Pradosham in Sanskrit), negative karma can be reduced or permanently removed. When a 13th Moon falls on a Tuesday special Debt clearing properties are activated. Tuesday is governed by Mars and Mars is the planet responsible for your debt karma and for accumulation of dues. The secret essence of a Tuesday Pradosham is that it removes your negative debt karma. Also, Venus governs wealth and the upcoming Tuesday Pradoshams have a special financial significance because the Moon will be transiting in Taurus on June 10th and then Libra on June 24th, and both signs are ruled by Venus. So, if you perform Pradosham rituals while the Moon is transiting a sign ruled by Venus, then your debt karma will be eliminated by increased money inflow. Also these days are special because the energy of Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi are present. Lakshmi gives money and Shiva removes the debt karma. Karma is not just a metaphysical philosophy; it's Real. Karma wants to manifest into your life for better or worse. The planets simply trigger karmic seeds that already exist. Some karmas are easy to clear but a strong karma, one that has taken root, would require professional help. In June, there are two Tuesday Pradoshams (Runa Vimochana Pradosham in Sanskrit), June 10th and 24th.

Get Professional Help & Clear Your Debt Karma

Special Notice: Moon of Manifestation (Nirjala Ekadasi), June 9th IST

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Vishnu-the Archetype of WealthEkadasi refers to the eleventh phase of both the waning and waxing periods of the Moon. In Vedic mythology, the 11th Moon phase is associated with Vishnu, the Archetype of Wealth. Observing a few simple rituals on Ekadasi can help you eliminate a lot of poverty karma and allow you to acquire prosperity consciousness. There are 24 Ekadasis (11th Moon phase) in a year and each one has a different merit. Nirjala Ekadasi is unique because it contains the benefits of all 24 Ekadasis. Nirjala Ekadasi is also called 'Bhima Ekadasi', as it is named after one of the five Pandava brothers in the epic 'Mahabharata'. Bhima was a great warrior and he also had a great appetite and he was not a fan of fasting. However, he realized the significance of fasting on an Ekadasi. So, he requested the sages to help him out of his dilemma. The answer was that Bhima would only have to observe a fast and meditate on one particular Ekadasi and still receive the benefits from all 24 Ekadasis. That Ekadasi is Nirjala Ekadasi and this year it falls on June 9th.

Ekadasi Rituals Support Material & Spiritual Life

Muruga is the Guru of Gurus

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Muruga is the Guru of GurusMuruga's Birthday is coming and this year it falls on June 11th IST. Birthdays of Archetypes are special, as the Archetype is close to the Earth. This provides you with an opportunity to establish a heart connection with the Deity. Muruga's Birthday occurs when the Moon aligns with the Vishaka birth star, during the month of Vaikasi (May-June). A heart connection with Lord Muruga means Muruga is alive for you and He can help you in tangible and practical ways. On His Birthday, Muruga's energy is available for you to call it into your life to destroy negative influences that are stopping you. Evil eye, curses, other dark pressures manifesting as confusion, depression and illness are driven out. Muruga's Light gives you clear thinking, courage, strength, and self-confidence. The classic Tamil lines of the great Muruga Saint Arunagirinathar, "Vinai Oda Vidum Kadirvel Maraven" which literally means, "The luminous Lance drives out the bonds of karma".

Gain Lord Muruga's Protection

Most Powerful & Influential Planet: Exalted Jupiter

Jupiter GlyphThe most important transit that is going to take place in 2014 is the transit of Jupiter into the sign of Cancer. Jupiter is the number one teacher, so if you really want to connect with the Guru, or the spiritual teacher then the best time is the transit time. All transits of Jupiter have a great impact on the world but Jupiter only becomes Exalted once every 12 Years. So this coming transit into Cancer where Jupiter becomes Exalted is very, very significant. Jupiter is the golden light within the pineal gland and is the producer of the highest consciousness, the highest intelligence. Jupiter also governs the Gold, and He is called the God of Gold, and when Jupiter enters into Cancer, that's when the price of gold will go up, and everybody will have gold. He is also responsible for relationships, and for taking care of all kinds of problems and afflictions caused by other planets. Jupiter can also increase your level of wealth and He can give you a new understanding of wealth.

Acquire an Empowered Wealth Consciousness

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