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February 1st: Dr. Pillai's Birthday!

Thai Amavasya: Important Ancestor Rituals
First 8th Waning Moon of 2014: Friday January 24th IST


Dr. PillaiJoin us for AstroVed Founder's Day Celebration on February 1st! Dr. Pillai, the Founder of AstroVed and an international teacher, humanitarian and a scholar-mystic, has been revealing karma removal secrets in order to relieve humanity from suffering. Join us as we celebrate the 65th birthday of a great leader, whose teachings and guidance has helped people around world to change their consciousness and live with joy and prosperity.

This year, Dr. Pillai's birthday is especially significant and powerful from an astrological perspective. On this day, the Moon will be in AQUARIUS, which is the sign for Dr. Pillai’s Moon. The star on this day is Shatabhisha, a star that is very friendly to Dr. Pillai’s birthstar Purvabhadrapada, and the ruler of Aquarius is an exalted Saturn. Another significant feature to be noted: the Moon will be receiving the aspect of Jupiter. The planetary alignments confirm that 2014 will be a very special Birthday for Dr. Pillai. The energy on this day will be powerful to bring blessings to the world and to fulfill the desires of everyone.

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Thai Amavasya 2014: Important Ancestor Rituals

Tarpanam Did you know that this sacred New Moon, Thai Amavasya, is also the day the Chinese set for the start of the Chinese New Year? During New Year celebration, the Chinese also take time to worship their ancestors, because like all ancient cultures they understand the strong influence ancestors have over your life. They understand that your ancestors can prevent you from experiencing success in life? Although they have passed from this world, their impact on you is profound; they affect your thoughts and motivation. Our ancestors hold mystical powers and have authority over our lives. They allot positive and negative effects of past deeds to their living line existing on the material plane. There are 3 powerful New Moons a year: (Thai Amavasya, Aadi Amavasya & Mahalaya Amavasya), when you can strongly influence your ancestors. This coming Thai Amavasya, the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Horse, on January 30th IST, is a very powerful time for you to appeal to your ancestors for financial and wisdom Blessings.

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Thai Amavasya This year Thai Amavasya falls on a Thursday under the star, Uttarashada. The star lord for Uttarashada is the Sun. The Sun governs the Pitrus (Ancestors). On Thai Amavasya, the Sun and the Moon are free from any malefic influence from the planets, so there will not be any sort of impediments in receiving your ancestor’s blessings. This is a special and rare Pure Amavasya.

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First 8th Waning Moon of 2014: Friday January 24th, IST

Time Time is controlled by the Archetype known as Kala Bhairava. Kala Bhairava (Kala means time) is the aspect of Shiva who controls time and draws you to specific locations. By accessing the energy of Kala Bhairava, you completely take charge of all the moments in your life and avoid delays, lethargy, missed opportunities and unfortunate events. When you have Kala Bhairava's grace, you will find yourself in the right place, at the right time. The Kala Bhairava rituals are the secret to compressing time and accomplishing the task of bringing your future into the present. Kala Bhairava will not only show you the vision of what it is you want to create, but he will also give you the exact knowledge and clarity of how to get it.

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Saturn: Rare Sasa Yoga

Saturn Sasa Yoga is one of the important yogas caused by the planet Saturn. It occurs when an exalted Saturn (or own sign) is in quadrant to the Moon. This is an opportunity for you to access the energy of this yoga, which is available four days in every month until November 2nd, 2014. If Saturn decides to give wealth other planets cannot block it, such is the power of SATURN. Saturn is the most powerful of all planets. He is matchless in giving good and bad fortunes. The bad fortune created by Saturn is formidable, although educational. The pain that He brings with the changes can be lessened. Participate in the Rituals for Saturn and receive His blessings to have a successful career.

Access the Energy of the Rare Sasa Yoga

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