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Pradosham, which is the thirteenth moon, is the time designated by Siva to remove the karma of people. There are two Pradosham days in a month. Pradosham means the removal of sins and can also take place on a daily basis. This is called daily Pradosham. There is only one temple where this daily Pradosham is very effective because of its association with Nandi, the bull of Siva. The bull was sent to the earth plane to initiate the daily removal of sins at the temple called Koyampet near Chennai. Participants of the daily karma removal program will have an archana ceremony done for them on daily basis during the Pradosham time (sunset). In addition the DKRP people will also participate in the bi-monthly Pradosham rituals at the ashram.

  • Daily Pradosham archana for you birthstar at Koyampet Temple near Madras. Koyampet is a temple where Pradosham takes place every evening.

Karma Removal Ritual

The monthly new Moon ritual at Arasar Koil Sri Kamala Varadaraja Perumal Temple. The temple is situated at the cross roads of Pattalam Chennai and Thachur. Sins undisolved in Benares and Rameshwaram will be dissolved here at this temple.

Ekadasi homa for prosperity

Ekadasi means the 11th moon. There is abundant material energy available on this day through Vishnu. This pooja will be done in one of the many powerful temples selected by Datta.

Full Moon Day Homa for Lakshmi

Arasar Koil The full moon day homa for Lakshmi will be at Arasarkoil temple. After a 1000 years Baba has re-energized the statue at Lakshmi's request. This Lakshmi has six toes which makes her unique and extremely powerful.

Ancestral Ritual

New moon homas for ancestors and removing sins

ls Just as there is biological lineage of transference of DNA along the family line, there is spirit lineage. It is as though there is a spirit DNA as well. Your departed ancestors can help solve the problems. They live in the world of the Pitras loka (ancestral world). Lord Vishnu in his aspect of Surya, the Sun God, is the King of the Pitras. 64 Generations of dead ancestors can help solve your money, relationship, health and other problems quite easily if one knows how to communicate and connect with them.

Even great siddhas like Agastiya, Maha Rishis like Vasistha, Avatars like Krishna and Rama when they lived on the earth plane appreciated their spirit ancestors through rituals called Tarpan (Tarpanam in Sanksrit). Tarpan means giving special offerings to the departed spirits especially during the new moon days. Often the offerings consist of black sesame seeds, cooked rice, and water. Sesame seeds particularly constitute the food of the spirits. During new moon day the departed spirits come to the earth plane and stay with their biological relatives from sunrise to sunset. Fasting during the new moon day will alert your consciousness to be in communion with their spirits.

Spiritually speaking there are two reasons for all of our mundane problems. One caused by the planets, the other by departed spirits. We should constantly take care of them in order to have a peaceful life.

Birth Stars

Rituals performed on your birth star days protect you throughout the month. For every star there is a particular significance. Those who are in Daily Karma Removal Program will have the opportunity for performing a special ritual of their birth stars to the 27 Nakshatra Lingas.

AstroVed presents 2 Payment Plans to meet your budgets with ease. Read below to know how the flexible payment plan works for you.

Plan 1:

  • Make a full and single Payment of Rs.6000 and get a FREE "Monthly Birth Star Pooja" done on your Birth Star day
  • Make 4 easy installment payments of Rs.1500 each for 4 months. You will receive reminders from our end for every month's payment
  • You can also pay in 12 Monthly installments of Rs.500 each for 12 months. You will receive reminders from our end for every month's payment

Plan 2:

  • Make a full and single Payment of Rs.12000 and get a FREE "Monthly New Moon Ancestral Ritual, Birth Star Pooja on behalf of 3 members of your family , 2 Monthly Pradosham poojas."
  • Make 4 easy installment payments of Rs.3000 each for 4 months. You will receive reminders from our end for every month's payment
  • You can also pay in 12 Monthly installments of Rs.1000 each for 12 months. You will receive reminders from our end for every month's payment

Only the following free services will be provided for 3 members of your family:

  • Birthstar Pooja on your respective Birth Star days.
  • Pradosham Poojas per month.
  • You will be automatically included in the above free services.
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