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Karma is the restrictive energy in our lives. Your karmic influence has an impact on the way you think, understand and perceive life. At times, you may feel stuck under this negative influence. In order to help you clear this block, Dr. Pillai has developed a powerful technique called Daily Karma Removal Program (DKRP). This MINI program is designed to bring in total change in your life and it works on a daily basis. We want you to benefit from the service and so we have formulated different packages to suit your needs.
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Mini DKRP 1 Year/12 Months- 2 Payments- Payment Plan Option: 1st payment of 2,500 USD at time of order, 2nd payment of 1,700 USD due 6 months from start of program. Total= 4,200 USD

US $ 2575.00

Mini DKRP 1 Year/12 Months-One Time Full Payment Option: This Mini alternative to the DKRP full program is a lighter, less intensive program however it was designed for maximum karma removal at a minimum price.

US $ 4218.00
1 - 10 of 10 Products