Virgo Love Relationship Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (June 17th 2018 - June 23rd 2018)

2018-06-17 This day enables you to maintain a friendly approach with your partner. This will help to enhance your love.

2018-06-18 You will develop deeper attachment towards your partner and this will reflect in your emotions while interacting with your loved one. This attitude will enable you to enjoy a good relationship.

2018-06-19 Mutual understanding and happiness will prevail if you maintain a flexible attitude in all matters. This is very much needed to gain satisfaction.

2018-06-20 You need to avoid displaying any egoistic tendencies towards your partner. You also need to be careful not to utter careless words as that will disturb harmony.

2018-06-21 You need to be very polite while conversing with your partner. You may tend to lose control at times and this may affect the harmony in your relationship.

2018-06-22 You are likely to have some minor disputes with your partner. There are also chances of a verbal duel with your partner owing to a difference of opinion.

2018-06-23 You will harbor sensitive feelings towards your partner. This may disrupt the harmony and result in lack of happiness with each other.

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