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Taurus General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (February 17th 2019 - February 23rd 2019)

2019-02-17 An optimistic attitude will prevail. This optimism will make you achieve success easily. Pursuing useful decisions promises to be quite good for you.

2019-02-18 This could turn out to be an exciting and fun filled day for you. Enjoyment will be possible and that will give you a lot of satisfaction. You will be in a position to satisfy your desires.

2019-02-19 This may not be a very encouraging day for you. Situations will not produce the desired results. Flexibility in all dealings will help you see better results.

2019-02-20 The day may see you overwhelmed with feelings of pessimism. This will make you feel a little uneasy. You need to avoid such emotions to turn the day in your favor.

2019-02-21 This day requires you to think carefully before initiating any action to avert negative occurrences. There may also be delays in achieving your objectives. Patience is required on your part to see better results.

2019-02-22 The day requires you to exercise some patience. You need to be careful while conversing with others to avert untoward repercussions. Avoid taking any major decisions for the day.

2019-02-23 This promises to be a highly favorable day. You will be fortunate enough to accomplish your goals. Your cheerful attitude will help you achieve good results.