Sagittarius General Weekly Horoscope (Apr 22 - Apr 28)

2018-04-22 The day requires you to be more calm and composed. You need to think twice before making suitable decisions. Involving yourself in prayers and listening to music could yield satisfaction and relief.

2018-04-23 The day does not favor smooth results for you. Plan your efforts intelligently to achieve successful results. You may also tend to lose your patience at times. Remain cool and relaxed.

2018-04-24 The day could turn out to be a moderate one. You have to be calm and patient. You also need to be sportive in your approach.

2018-04-25 You will possess a religious bent of mind and speak with alacrity on spiritually related matters. Doing so will bring you some relief. You will also find clarity in your thinking.

2018-04-26 The day will not be filled with much activity. Engaging in recreational and amusement activities will make you feel better. Smooth flow of things may not be possible for the day.

2018-04-27 This is foreseen to be an optimistic and pleasant day. You will develop more courage and determination, and this will help you a lot. Overall development will be seen, and this will boost your confidence.

2018-04-28 You are likely to gain success with your own efforts. At the same time, you may feel less satisfied sometimes, so it will be wise to keep your confidence levels high.

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