Pisces Career Weekly Horoscope (Apr 22 - Apr 28)

2018-04-22 You may face problems with your colleagues at the workplace. By adopting a patient attitude, you will be able to overcome this shortcoming and carry on with your work.

2018-04-23 You have to work hard to achieve success in your job. There are also chances for work to be left pending.

2018-04-24 You could make significant gains from work. Today is the day when you will be able to realize your true potential. You will also gain more confidence.

2018-04-25 You are able to carry out your tasks easily. Fulfilling your desires will be easily possible with your efforts.

2018-04-26 Matters on the job front will be favorable for the day. You will get a lot of opportunities. Your colleagues will also be supportive of you.

2018-04-27 There are likely to be good chances of shining on the work front. Going abroad is also foreseen. You can make use of the time for self development.

2018-04-28 You will earn appreciation for the work that you are doing. You are likely to be blessed with some extra potential that will reflect in your work.

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