Pisces General Weekly Horoscope (Apr 22 - Apr 28)

2018-04-22 The day could present exciting situations for you. However, you need to be balanced and cautious in your moves. With better planning, you will be able to achieve good results.

2018-04-23 Your are required to be more aware and conscious about the activities which will occur on this day. This will help you handle difficult situations. Avoid excessive thinking and maintain clarity of thought.

2018-04-24 This day will bring you success. You will display more courage and your efforts will give productive results. There are also chances for travel.

2018-04-25 You will be able to see comforts after facing some initial hurdles. You will also be blessed with the capability to utilize this day in a good manner.

2018-04-26 The day appears to be favorable for achieving success in your endeavors. Positive outcomes will be possible owing to your flexible approach. You will be able to earn the goodwill of friends and associates by maintaining a better relationship.

2018-04-27 You will find this day to be a progressive one. Lots of opportunities to prosper and do well are likely to come your way, You will be able to achieve a lot by means of your flexible communication skills.

2018-04-28 You should be able to make smooth progress for the day, if you have the determination. Think positively, and eventually success will knock at your door.

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