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Gemini Love Relationship Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (November 11th 2018 - November 17th 2018)

2018-11-11 You are able to develop good understanding with your partner. This will be due to feelings of affection that you share with each other.

2018-11-12 You are able to share some enjoyable moments with your partner. You will have frank discussions over your family's development and auspicious functions that are likely to take place in your house.

2018-11-13 You may tend to display some feelings of frustration towards your partner. This may disturb the relations between each other. Adopt a casual approach towards your beloved to foster better understanding.

2018-11-14 You may not be able to share enjoyable moments with your partner. Egoistic tendencies will prevent you from doing so. Take measures to establish good understanding with your beloved.

2018-11-15 This may not be a very exciting day for love. There will be less harmony in the relationship with your near and dear ones.

2018-11-16 This promises to be a good day for love. You will be in a position to satisfy the desires of your lover.

2018-11-17 Harmony will prevail in the relationship. You will be spending quality time with your family members.

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