Gemini General Weekly Horoscope (Apr 22 - Apr 28)

2018-04-22 The day requires you to take things in an easy manner. You need to keep yourself motivated to ensure smooth results. This could be a day that will test your patience.

2018-04-23 This may not be a very encouraging day for you. Not much can be expected to happen. You also may not be able to witness progress and benefits accruing on this day.

2018-04-24 You can enjoy spending money for your family and this will make you happy. You will find the day to be more optimistic. Good development will also be possible for you.

2018-04-25 You are able to execute your tasks easily. Positive outcomes are foretold for the day. You will also be in a position to realize your potential.

2018-04-26 The day is suitable to get involved in activities of spiritual interest. Keeping yourself busy by listening to divine music and observing prayers will fetch peace and satisfaction. Only such pursuits can bring you the solace you seek.

2018-04-27 Lack of enthusiasm could make it difficult to function well. Certain situations may create unhappiness for you. Make it a point to plan well before carrying out your activities.

2018-04-28 You need to curb your anxiety and any insecure feelings which may arise on this day. Don’t let negative thoughts creep in. Thinking positively will help you achieve wonders.

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