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Capricorn General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (November 11th 2018 - November 17th 2018)

2018-11-11 You may enter into a heated exchange or argument unnecessarily. This may be a matter of concern. It will be wise to remain calm and polite.

2018-11-12 The day could present some obstacles to your progress. However, strong determination and persistence will enable you to achieve success.

2018-11-13 The day could present some delicate situations that need to be handled with patience. Proper planning of efforts is required to achieve better outcomes. Involving yourself in prayers and listening to mantras will benefit you.

2018-11-14 This may not be a favorable day to yield the desired results. You need to think carefully and deeply before initiating any action as there may be chances of negative outcomes. Seek relief by devoting your mind towards listening to music and other amusements.

2018-11-15 You may face both ups and downs for the day. Involvement in spiritual matters will bring you relief and success.

2018-11-16 You are likely to find this day to be favorable. You will be able to achieve wonders with your flexible communication. You can pursue some major decisions which will boost your confidence.

2018-11-17 Some unexpected returns could come your way on this day. You are also likely to travel.

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