Cancer General Weekly Horoscope (Apr 22 - Apr 28)

2018-04-22 The day requires you to exercise control over your emotions and resort to spiritual pursuits like reciting mantras for solace. You could feel stressed due to the heavy commitments of the day.

2018-04-23 You need to adopt a calm and composed attitude for things to function smoothly. This is of vital importance for the day. Listening to divine music and participating in recreational activities will help you immensely.

2018-04-24 The day may not be very encouraging for you. More efforts are required from your side. You may also not be able to gain clarity. This could lead you to take some wrong decisions which could prove detrimental for you.

2018-04-25 You have to display more intelligence in carrying out your activities. You will find the day with obstacles. It will be wise to take things easy, as this will guide you towards happiness. You could also experience a sense of loss. Avoid taking major decisions for the day.

2018-04-26 The day will see you achieve good results owing to your effective communication. Involving in spiritual activities like reciting mantras and hearing discourses will prove to be highly beneficial. You will feel better in this way.

2018-04-27 The day will see you in a happy frame of mind as you will be able to fulfill your objectives. Taking major decisions will work out in your favor. You will be on the right path of development.

2018-04-28 You will be very swift your actions. This will be due to the fire that is present in you. Your mind will be quick enough to take some useful decisions for your welfare.

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