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Cancer General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (November 11th 2018 - November 17th 2018)

2018-11-11 The day promises to be favorable for enjoying comforts. This will give you a lot of happiness. You will be in high spirits and could accomplish more with minimal efforts.

2018-11-12 Productive results will be witnessed for the day. You will be filled with a rejuvenated and determined attitude. Entering new ventures could prove to be profitable for you.

2018-11-13 This promises to be a favorable day that will yield prosperous returns and help you accomplish a lot. This will be made possible by your sustained efforts.

2018-11-14 The day is likely to be filled with activity. You will be highly successful in accomplishing difficult goals with amazing ease. Mental freshness will keep you active. This will also enable you to take right decisions that will prove to be worthwhile.

2018-11-15 It is recommended to be more courageous and determined to achieve success in your endeavors.

2018-11-16 This could turn out to be a passive day and you may lack some confidence. It is entirely up to you to re-build your confidence. However, avoid taking any major decisions.

2018-11-17 The day appears to be ideal for pilgrimages and spiritual travel. Feeding the poor or indulging in charitable work will bring positive benefits for you.

Look at Your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

Welcome to the first step in a journey of Self-Discovery! The Birth Chart shows all your planets, what sign they are in and what degree they are in within the sign. As a starting point, explore what sign is your Ascendant (1st House), what sign your Sun is in and what sign your Moon is in. From the Ascendant, move around the chart in a clockwise direction to the next sign and so on, for all 12 of your houses.