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Aquarius Career Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (February 17th 2019 - February 23rd 2019)

2019-02-17 You will show your potential in carrying out your work. Support will also pour in from your sub-ordinates. Your skills will be appreciated.

2019-02-18 A get together with your colleagues and superiors is foreseen. You will go for a team outing with your colleagues.

2019-02-19 You should be able to display your skills in your job and this will be appreciated by your superiors. You will be seen very cheerful in handling your work.

2019-02-20 You will display good signs of dedication in your job. This will enable you to succeed in your attempts and turn even complex tasks into relative simple ones.

2019-02-21 You may not find the job atmosphere to be peaceful. You could also face disturbances from your colleagues and superiors. You may not get the due recognition for your work.

2019-02-22 You may not be able to witness good results on the work front. You will find it tough to complete your tasks on time due to excess job pressure. You are also likely to commit errors in your work.

2019-02-23 You may not be able to carry out your activities on time. This may cause some annoyance in you. You could also face some problems with your colleagues.