Aquarius General Weekly Horoscope (Jan 14 - Jan 20)

2018-01-14 You will participate in auspicious occasions. New friends and associates will get added to your contact list.

2018-01-15 The day will not promise progressive results. You will have mental confusion that will hinder your growth. This will not promote your interests for the day.

2018-01-16 The day will not favor smooth flow of things. You may tend to become impatient and frustrated at times. Difficult situations will make you to lose your courage. However, try to keep your balance and take things in a light manner. Avoid taking major decisions.

2018-01-17 The day will not be an encouraging one. You will find things a little tough for the day. You may have more concern over your future development. This may cause worries in you. Engage in prayers and meditation for beneficial results.

2018-01-18 You will not find the day to be filled with much activity. Avoid taking any major decisions for the day. You need to keep your emotions in control to handle tough situations. You may be seen uncertain over the decisiveness of your actions.

2018-01-19 Success in your efforts will be possible for the day. You will be able to proceed with your activities easily without many constraints. It will be a favorable day.

2018-01-20 You will find the day with smooth flow of things. You will be seen more determined in taking your own decisions during this point of time. You will be mentally inclined to achieve success in your endeavors.

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