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Aries Money Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (February 17th 2019 - February 23rd 2019)

2019-02-17 You may witness increasing expenditure for the day. It will be wise for you to practice thrift and savings practices to avoid financial instability.

2019-02-18 You may be losing some money. This is possible during travel, so you need to take care.

2019-02-19 Money flow will be limited for the day. Unwanted expenditure will also keep you worried and anxious.

2019-02-20 Money flow will be moderate. Spending towards your children will increase and this may cause some worry for you.

2019-02-21 Money flow will be seen in abundance. You will be able to fulfill your monetary needs and this will keep you satisfied.

2019-02-22 Money gains are highly probable for the day. You will be in comfortable and secure economic position and also be able to fulfill your commitments.

2019-02-23 Money flow will be smooth enough for the day. You will be able to increase your savings potential and also enhance your financial prospects.