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March Aries

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General Overview: It might be a month full of challenges for you. You will do well professionally and head a lot of important activities. Your principles in life will help enhance your standard of living. You will be able to create a good social circle. You will be able to solve most of your family problems and be worry free.

March Horoscope for Aries - Love / Marriage: Your spouse will be very affectionate toward you and this will give you the confidence you need to solve all your worries. Your love life will be good, however you need to pay more attention to your partner’s wishes and keep them happy at all times.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony:  Worship Deity Muruga

March Horoscope for Aries - Finance:  You will be able to save money by investing it for the long term. You might take a health insurance. Legal issues about property will be sorted out and you will breathe a sigh of relief.

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Pray to Deity Lakshmi

March Horoscope for Aries - Career:  It is a very favorable time for you. You hardwork will pay up and give you immense benefits. You will be able to trouble shoot all the problems at hand. You will give valuable advice to your subordinates who will take it in the right spirit.

Divine Technique for Career Progress: Worship Deity Mercury

March Horoscope for Aries - Business: You should implement all your plans without any delay. This will help you gain good results in the least possible time. You will be able to fulfill some of your dreams with regard to your business. You will complete all major projects well and this will give you immense profits. Your partner will be very co-operative.

March Horoscope for Aries - Professionals: You will enjoy your work to the fullest. You tend to spend extra hours at office to complete the tasks given to you well ahead of time. You will appreciate your subordinates for their good work and this will instill confidence in them.

March Horoscope for Aries - Health:  Healthwise it is a good time. Do not change your diet or start fasting now as it may harm you. It will be better for you to stick to your routine diet for now.

Divine Technique for Healthy Living: Pray to Deity Mars

March Horoscope for Aries - Students:  If you are a student, then you will do well in your studies. You will be appreciated by your teachers. You will perform well in all the examinations that you appear for. You tend to spend more money on stationery and books. You can expect financial assistance from some charity institutions in the form of scholarship.
Divine Technique to Perform Well in Academics: Worship Deity Saraswati

Auspicious dates:  1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 18, 22 and 23

Inauspicious dates:  3, 4, 5, 12, 14, 15, 19, 24 and 30

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