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How Will R Rajan Fare As the New RBI Governor?

Economist Raghuram Rajan will assume office as the new RBI Governor in September. Rajan’s appointment comes at a time when all is not well between the Government and India’s central bank, indicating a tough task ahead.

The entire nation is concerned about this major change in country’s top bank, at a time marked by financial crisis, rupee plunge, inflation and differences among the concerned officials. The question on everyone’s mind is whether Rajan, known for his impressive and firm intellectual standards, foreign experience, and interest in India’s economy, will be able to bring some relief to the current economic scenario.

According to industry experts, Rajan’s priorities could be altering current RBI strategies, bringing in significant changes into investment policies, increase focus on global investors and so forth. However, the new governor has very less time in hand to revive the situation.

Will Rajan be able to successfully take on the challenging situation? Our Vedic experts have compared the planetary positions in India’s chart with that of Raghuram Rajan’s birth chart to come to a conclusion.

In India’s chart the Ascendant is in the sign Taurus. As per Raghuram Rajan’s birth chart, his Moon sign is Taurus. Also in his chart, Jupiter is placed in Aquarius, the tenth house of India's chart. Tenth house is the significator for profession in Vedic astrology, and this placement of Jupiter is auspicious for Raghuram Rajan to get name and fame.

In addition, Sun is the leadership planet and Saturn is called as the career planet. In his chart, these planets were seen together in Capricorn, which again is the tenth house in natural zodiac. Saturn was placed as though in between powerful planets Jupiter and Sun. This is yet another planetary placement assuring recognition and success for Raghuram Rajan as RBI governor.

So, the favorable planetary features would bring him success in his new role as RBI head. The fall in rupee will be one of the priorities for him and he would be instrumental in attempts to revive the rupee.

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