Quiz for Astrology Houses

Eigth House - Quiz

1. The 8th house is a house of...?
  • (a) Children
  • (b) Desire
  • (c) Enlightenment
  • (d) Dharma

2. Which planet becomes exalted in Scorpio?
  • (a) Mars
  • (b) Moon
  • (c) Jupiter
  • (d) None

3. How can 8th house karma become 'activated'?
  • (a) Through 8th house lord Dasha or Bukti
  • (b) Through planets placed in the 8th house
  • (c) Through Saturn Dasha or Bukti
  • (d) All of the above

4. Which of these are 8th house physical issues?
  • (a) Skin
  • (b) Genital
  • (c) Limbs
  • (d) Hands

5. Which planet is the karaka for the 8th house?
  • (a) Mars
  • (b) Saturn
  • (c) Moon
  • (d) None

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