Quiz for Astrology Houses

Analyzing the Ninth House - Quiz

1. What is the Sign of Oprah's Winfrey 9th House?
  • (a) Aries
  • (b) Scorpio
  • (c) Gemini
  • (d) Libra

2. Which House is where Oprah's 9th House ruling Planet is located?
  • (a) 12th House
  • (b) 4th House
  • (c) 3rd House
  • (d) 9th House

3. In which area of her life will Oprah potentialize her grace karma?
  • (a) Career
  • (b) Mother & Home
  • (c) Children
  • (d) Relationships

4. Which day of the week would Oprah do remedies for her 9th House ruler?
  • (a) Sunday(Sun)
  • (b) Friday(Venus)
  • (c) Thursday(Jupiter)
  • (d) Tuesday(Mars)

5. During what Dasha or Bukti will Oprah's 9th house karma become activated?
  • (a) Mars
  • (b) Moon
  • (c) Venus
  • (d) Saturn

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