Quiz for Astrology Houses

Analyzing the Fifth House - Quiz

1. What sign is Oprah's Winfrey 5th House?
  • (a) Aries
  • (b) Capricorn
  • (c) Sagittarius
  • (d) Leo

2. Where is Oprah's 5th house Ruling planet?
  • (a) 1st House
  • (b) 6th House
  • (c) 4th House
  • (d) 10th House

3. Which is the best day of the week for Oprah to propitiate her 5th House?
  • (a) Sunday
  • (b) Thursday
  • (c) Wednesday
  • (d) Monday

4. Where is the 5th house karaka planet placed in Oprah's chart?
  • (a) 4th House
  • (b) 6th House
  • (c) 10th House
  • (d) None

5. In which sign is the ruler of Oprah's 5th house placed?
  • (a) Sagittarius
  • (b) Taurus
  • (c) Libra
  • (d) Capricorn

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