Quiz for Astrology Houses

Fifth House - Quiz

1. Which sign is the natural 5th House?
  • (a) Taurus
  • (b) Cancer
  • (c) Libra
  • (d) Leo

2. Which planet is in its own sign in Leo?
  • (a) Mars
  • (b) Jupiter
  • (c) Sun
  • (d) Moon

3. Which of these is a primary significator of the 5th house?
  • (a) Money
  • (b) God
  • (c) Health
  • (d) Enemies

4. What best describes the nature of a Leo native?
  • (a) Bold, ambitious, self-assured
  • (b) Nurturing and care-taking
  • (c) Reserved and serious
  • (d) Studious and conservative

5. Which planet becomes exalted in the sign of Leo?
  • (a) Sun
  • (b) Jupiter
  • (c) Mars
  • (d) None
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