Quiz for Astrology Houses

Analyzing the Tenth House - Quiz

1. What is the Sign of Oprah's Winfrey 10th House?
  • (a) Scorpio
  • (b) Capricorn
  • (c) Taurus
  • (d) Aquarius

2. Which planet rules Oprah's 10th House?
  • (a) Venus
  • (b) Jupiter
  • (c) Saturn
  • (d) Mercury

3. Which of these is not influencing Oprah's 10th House?
  • (a) 8th House
  • (b) Jupiter
  • (c) 5th House
  • (d) Ketu

4. Which planet is located in Oprah's 10th House?
  • (a) Jupiter
  • (b) Mercury
  • (c) Saturn
  • (d) Sun

5. Which of Oprah's Houses is ruled by the natural 10th Sign of the Zodiac(the natural Zodiac starts with Aries)?
  • (a) 6th House
  • (b) 4th House
  • (c) 3rd House
  • (d) 12th House

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