Quiz for Astrology Houses

Analyzing the Fourth House - Quiz

1. What sign is Oprah's Winfrey 4th House?
  • (a) Scorpio
  • (b) Virgo
  • (c) Cancer
  • (d) Leo

2. What is the Ruling planet of Oprah’s 4th house?
  • (a) Saturn
  • (b) Sun
  • (c) Mars
  • (d) Mercury

3. How many planets does Oprah have in her 4th House?
  • (a) One
  • (b) Four
  • (c) None
  • (d) Two

4. Which 4th house karaka planet is in Oprah’s 4th house?
  • (a) Mars
  • (b) Moon
  • (c) Saturn
  • (d) None

5. In what House is the Planet, which rules the 4th House, placed?
  • (a) 12th House
  • (b) 1st House
  • (c) 4th House
  • (d) 7th House

6. What does it mean for Oprah Winfrey to have her 4th House ruler placed in the 4th House?
  • (a) Prosperous property owner, devoted nature
  • (b) Without home, loss of mother
  • (c) Good sound home early in life, loss of father
  • (d) Riches, but with no real happiness

7. Which primary planet should Oprah propitiate via mantras, gemstones and fire rituals to help further increase her property, home and happiness fortunes?
  • (a) Mars and Moon
  • (b) Sun and Moon
  • (c) Moon and Mercury
  • (d) None of the above

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