Quiz for Astrology Houses

Fourth House - Quiz

1. Which sign is the natural 4th House?
  • (a) Taurus
  • (b) Libra
  • (c) Cancer
  • (d) Aries

2. Which planet is exalted in Cancer?
  • (a) Moon
  • (b) Jupiter
  • (c) Mars
  • (d) Venus

3. Which of these is not a characteristic of the 4th house?
  • (a) Mother
  • (b) Finances
  • (c) Happiness
  • (d) Education

4. What best describes the nature of a Cancer native (i.e. someone with either their Moon, Ascendant or Sun in Cancer)?
  • (a) Reserved and serious
  • (b) Religious and monastic
  • (c) Outgoing, friendly and nurturing
  • (d) Artistic and musical

5. Which sign is the Moon, Cancer’s ruling planet, exalted in?
  • (a) Libra
  • (b) Aries
  • (c) Cancer
  • (d) Taurus
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