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Navagraha or the 9 planets play a profound role in influencing the events in our life. The type of authority the planets will have on you depends on their position in your natal chart and the present transit position. Navagraha Mala, which contains gemstones for all nine planets, has the ability to balance the energies of the planets in your life and so you do not feel the impact of the unfavorable planets. Navagraha mala come in a necklace with either 54 or 108 beads. Counting the mala beads, while reciting or chanting mantra for Navagrahas, will energize your Navagraha mala. You can wear the mala after meditation.

Mala beads are a special rosary used for counting recitations of mantras. Typically they come in a necklace form with either 108 or 54 beads. (Twice around a set of 54 beads equals a count of 108.) This special 9 Planet Mala contains the Gemstones for all of the nine planets. When you use mala beads of this type, you are propitiating all of the 9 planets to bring positive changes to your life.

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1 - 1 of 1 Products

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