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Hanuman Fire Lab (Homa)
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Hanuman Fire Lab- Lord Hanuman is the eleventh Rudra or the divine incarnation of Lord Shiva who symbolizes strength and loyalty. Lord Hanuman's divine power also provides you with courage and inner peace. He helps protect you from both foreseen as well as the unforeseen dangers. Curses and 'evil eyes' can be warded off with his blessings. The monkey faced God can protect you through all your endeavors.

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Hanuman Fire Lab (Homa)

This Fire Lab invokes Hanuman as chief archetype. It is conducted by a fully qualified Vedic specialist. According to Dr. Pillai, “Hanuman, who is the Monkey-God, is tremendously powerful, and proper knowledge of the Monkey-God is necessary in order to establish a connection with him.”

Hanuman represents an archetypal energy and existence symbolized by your own breath. He is said to be the breathing of the soul within your own brain. The archetype of Hanuman is really the hope for humanity.

The example of Hanuman means humans can evolve to a level of perfection like Hanuman, who represents omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. That possibility is there for everyone through the help of Hanuman.

Purpose of Hanuman Fire Lab: Relief from Issues with Saturn and Help with the Impossible

Hanuman is also the overlord for Saturn, and he can help anyone who is dealing with challenges from Saturn.

Hanuman is said to be able to do the impossible, and he can help people who are feeling faced with impossible situations. There are many stories about miraculous deeds he performed out of his love for Rama in the ancient epic The Ramayana.

Dr. Pillai notes:

“In India, Hanuman statues are coming up everywhere. Humongous statues, sixty or seventy feet, everywhere.

They have been built very recently which means that the archetype is very much alive and is trying to help humanity.

It's very strange because the archetype is represented in two ways: one is a very miniature form, like one foot tall; and the other is about seventy feet tall.

This archetype can assume these forms and do things that are humanly impossible.”

Hanuman Fire Lab is also known as Hanuman Homa or Hanuman Homam.

Hanuman Fire Lab (Hanuman Homa / Hanuman Homam) invokes his presence and his blessings directly into the lives of the sponsors.

Suggested Timings for Hanuman Fire Lab

Our scheduler works with our astrologers to set the best time for your Hanuman Fire Lab. In some cases, our astrologers recommend Hanuman Fire Lab to be performed during auspicious Horas that fall on Saturdays. However, there may be other times they will schedule based on your birth star or other consideration.

Many people like to have Hanuman Fire Lab performed if they have Saturn as a current major or minor planet of influence or are in Sade Sati period or going through a Saturn return or if they are dealing with obstacles they cannot seem to overcome on their own.

Mantra(s) for Hanuman Fire Lab

Om Reeng Hreeng Markata Markadaya Swaha


Om Anjaneyaya Swaha

Special Quantum Sounds That Hanuman Answers To Quickly – Can Be Used by Anyone

Anyone can do these sounds to connect quickly to Hanuman. Hanuman loves Rama (an incarnation of Vishnu as an epic hero) so much that anytime someone chants or writes the name RAMA, the sounds quickly draw Hanuman.

Rama Rama Rama

Benefits of Hanuman Fire Lab

  • Attain immense life force to overcome challenges that come up in the path of life

  • Obtain courage and the will power to accomplish personal goals as well as social causes

  • Protection from evil eye

  • Receive a positive way through an impossible situation

Hanuman Fire Lab gives many blessings to:

  • People who aim for victory and happiness in their sphere

  • Those who desire good reputation in business, politics or positions of influence

  • Those seeking jobs and career stability

  • People who are undergoing challenges or delays due to impact of Saturn

  • People who must accomplish a mighty goal

Hanuman Fire Lab (Homa)
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