Year-Long Predictions Report

2016 Horoscope - Uncover the 2016 Mystery of Your Up and Down Times

Haven’t purchased your Yearly Predictions for 2016 Report till Now? Now’s the time, because you can get our exclusive customized “Know Your Life in 2016” Package for a Special offer valid for a limited time only.

Prepare yourself for 2016. The science of Vedic Astrology will shed light on 2016 and the unknown times ahead. Your 2016 personalized predictions report will be calculated by our expert astrologers and presented in a clear and to-the-point format, that is easy to understand. It will reveal what opportunities or challenges due to the transitory movements of the planets and how this will influence core areas of life: Money, Career, Relationships & Health.

Features of the 2016 Personalized Predictions Report:

  • Accurate – Helps you to be more calculative, avoid risk and take right decisions. (Based on Dasa (your major) and Bhukti ( your minor planetary periods)
  • Simplified – This format focuses on 4 important areas of your life: Money, Career, Relationship (Romance) & Health.
  • Month by Month Predictions – The predictions will be forecasted on a monthly basis to help you to plan ahead of time.
  • Planetary Causes – The report also includes the various planetary effects on you, helping you prepare for the best and the worst influences.
  • Remedy Prescriptions Given – Specific remedies are prescribed to minimize unfavorable influences that are foreseen based on your birth chart.

Note: Please allow minimum 7 working days for delivery of the report.

Note: Please allow minimum 7 – 10 working days for delivery of the report.

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