A Homa is the easiest way to access the divine power and gain their blessings. AstroVed performs Homas (Sacred Fire Prayers) for all your needs & help find a solution to your life problems.

All our Homas:
  • Are done at the right time and performed by qualified & trained priests
  • Use the right material prescribed in scriptures
  • Are performed in a clean & conducive environment
  • Includes explanation of each step of the ritual


Cow Feeding
Kamadhenu’s Creation Day: Cow Feeding Gives Merit

Nov. 15th is the Gho Ashtami day when the divine wish-fulfilling cow, Kamadhenu, emerged from the cosmic ocean of milk. Gho Ashtami is an auspicious day when the energies of wealth, rejuvenation, replenishment and growth is at its highest. It is an auspicious time to please Kamadhenu by sponsoring sacred Poojas and offerings for cows.

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